3 Tips for Picking Out The Perfect Work Shoes

Posted by wahab on January 30th, 2020

Finding the perfect men or women’s work shoes can be tough because there are so many factors that affect your choices and the options are endless! If you are in the market for the perfect work shoes then you have come to the right place. Below you will find a list of the best tips for picking out shoes that are perfect for you to wear to work.

Figure out your office dress code

When finding the perfect work shoes the best starting place is figuring out whether or not your workplace has a dress code. If your office does have a dress code then you should read it to determine if your workplace dress code is business formal, business professional, business casual or casual. 

If your dress code is business formal then your perfect work shoes are:

  • Closed-toe

  • Neutral colors (think blacks, tans and grays)

  • Heels

A business formal dress code requires shoes that are both conservative and professional. A pair of black kitten heels is a great example.

A business professional dress code is a slightly more laid back version of the business formal dress code. If your dress code is business professional then your perfect work shoes are:

  • Closed-toe

  • Neutral colors or patterns

  • Heels/pumps

An example of this dress code is a pair of classic pumps in black or nude.

A business casual dress code allows you to inject your own style into your choice of work shoes. However, there are still a few guidelines to follow. For a business casual dress code the perfect work shoes are: 

  • Closed-toe

  • Can be flat or heeled (think loafers, dress flats, heels)

  • Can be any color (it is suggested to stick with black, brown, navy or red)

An example of the business casual dress code is a fun pair of red Mary Jane pumps. A Mary Jane pump is a pump silhouette with a strap around the ankle. Another example of the business casual dress code is a sleek pair of loafers. Loafers are tailored looking slip-on shoes that lack laces and other fastenings.

If your dress code is casual then consider yourself one of the fortunate ones. Although this dress code allows for the most flexibility you should remain considerate of how you want to be perceived in the workplace by coworkers but more importantly your employers. Your shoes should remain neat and appropriate. 

If your dress code is casual then your perfect work shoes:

  • Can be open-toed or closed-toed

  • Can be flat or heeled

  • Can be any color

Since this dress code is the most flexible then the sky is truly the limit when you are making your decision. 

But what if your dress code is casual and you still need help finding the perfect work shoes? Or what if your office does not have a dress code? 

Get inspiration from your coworkers

If your office does not have a dress code or if your workplace dress code is casual and you are unclear how to interpret “casual” then it is always a good idea to dress as if the dress code is “business formal” on your first day. Then you can assess what your coworkers are wearing to determine what is acceptable footwear at your workplace. Assuming a “business formal” dress code is your safest bet because it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed!

Wear what makes you feel comfortable

At the end of the day, your job at work is to perform well and we all know that you perform best when you are comfortable. Uncomfortable shoes can really affect your mood and performance so be realistic when you are trying on shoes and whether or not you will be comfortable wearing them at work from 9 to 5. For example, if you cannot walk in pumps or heels then find a pair of kitten heels or chunky heel pumps. Smaller heel heights or thicker heels are much easier to walk in than skinny, tall heels and pumps.

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