How to Open a Play School: A Mini Guide

Posted by rohit sharma on January 30th, 2020

A play school may be a profitable and lucrative venture, but it is very different from just another business. While in other businesses, an entrepreneur can get away with simply thinking of the profit margin and providing the bare minimum quality of goods and services, an investor who asks the question ‘how to start a play school’ must be prepared to dive right in and learn much before jumping ahead with plans of earning returns on investment.

Play schools are considered to be the first formal environment a child is exposed to- a place where a child may feel safe not only to explore, express and learn but also to interact with the world outside their most familiar surroundings. A playschool helps a child transition from the home environment to an environment of formal education. Immense care and thoughtfulness is needed to start, run and manage a playschool.

Important Pointers to Keep in Mind While Starting a Play School

The best play school in Delhi is regarded thus because it has paid heed to the most crucial components that go into building and maintain a playschool for kids.

  • Legality of Setting Up an Education Institute:

While there are no central laws governing education, there are state based laws which vary from place to place. The first step for any investor asking how to start a play school should be to check with a legal advisor on what laws are applicable for setting up an educational institute in an area. 

  • Selection of Location

Once the legal affairs are sorted, the second most important phase begins- looking for the perfect location for the school. An ideal location should have low competition and a big populace falling within the relevant demographic categories.

  • Selection of School Building

An aesthetically architectured building with an open space protected by boundary walls is ideal for play schools. Open spaces are required for facilitating gross motor skill activities while boundaries adhere to the safety protocols that need to be kept in mind while setting up a play school.

  • Selection of Teachers and Staff

Even if you have only a handful of teachers and staff members as you begin, it is imperative that they are well learned and experienced in their respective fields. A school can only be as good as its teachers and it is recommended to never compromise on the quality of educators to save money.

  • Quality of Toys and Equipment

Toys and equipment are not additional things which can be treated as an afterthought. Many activities from the curriculum will depend on having the required equipment and toys, so ensure that you invest in good quality and quantity of such materials.

  • Quality of Curriculum

Never mistake a play school to be a place where children are dumped by their parents for a few hours of play. There is method to madness in a preschool and all the activities- guided or unguided that go on under the roof during school hours are part of a curriculum. Thus it is vital that the curriculum framed is of high quality and contains inputs from individuals trained in early childhood education. This step is made easier through franchise opportunities as even the best playschool in Delhi can provide templates for curriculum under their franchise model.

Ethics in all interactions and a transparent and clear line of communication between parents/guardians of children and the school authorities are other important aspects that need to be kept in mind to successfully open and run a playschool for kids.

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