Tips For Choosing IAQ Consultants For Healthy Indoor Air

Posted by Environmental Sciences Group on January 30th, 2020

With the ever increasing pollution and increasing variations in the types of pollutants the incidence of various distresses are rising. And this rise in various pollution related sensitivities have led to various environmental regulatory compliance both outdoor and indoor. Now outdoor regulations for maintaining sustainable environment is something known for ages. But do you know that even your indoor air and environment can be equally polluted and create considerable impacts. Determining IAQ is extremely important but not an easy thing to do. You can’t just have a single air and determine all types of airborne microbes, moulds and all toxins from that single stretch. So instead of taking those DIY manoeuvres for air quality check it’s best to take the help from expert professionals.

What is IAQ?

IAQ stands for the acronym of indoor air quality. It basically refers to the air quality of any building or house especially in the health and comfort aspects of it’s occupants. A detailed understanding of the indoor air quality mitigates the risk of various health hazards.  Now the concept of indoor air quality is somewhat new and not many are concerned with the same. So if you are wondering on what are the direct and subtle effects of indoor air quality here’s a brief take.

Immediate impacts

The immediate impacts of air pollutants or toxins present within the indoor air includes

  •  Irritation of various parts of the body including eyes nose and throat
  •  Headache
  •  Dizziness
  •  Rash
  •  Fatigue etc.

Apart from these common symptoms there can be some severe impacts of indoor air pollutants as well. However do keep in mind that immediate impacts are subjected to various kinds of sensitivities from specific individuals, incidence of asthma etc.

Long term impacts

The major impacts of indoor air quality is it’s long term impacts as they are both debilitating and severe as well. Some threatening impacts of contaminated air includes

  •  Severe respiratory distress
  •  Heart diseases
  •  Cancer
  •  Several other toxins effects

Here also different people reacts differently to the various types and concentrations of contaminants however a prolonged exposure to even an insensitive individual can also be highly susceptible to that specific toxin. And thus a detailed testing of your home or office environment from leading environmental consulting services inc, is necessary. The experts from those services have special set of techniques, that they imply on collecting the samples, and then subsequently analysing them. Note that it’s not easy to assess the quality of indoor air. And so not any random enterprise can do it. Here’s a few tips on choosing the agency.

Tips for choosing consulting services

  •  Check the experience they hold
  •  Check their expertise. Note that not all environment consultants have expertise over indoor air quality assessment, microbial testing and even expertise over special quality checking techniques like

ü Modelling

ü Air monitoring and tracking

ü Various kinds of incineration related permitting

ü Various emissions and their source testing

ü VOC management alternates and reductions

Apart from all the above features the services offers make sure to check their pricings, positive testimonials and service availabilities and make your best pick now.

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