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Posted by Sanyork Fair Trade on January 30th, 2020

Recently, the popularity of blankets in Mexico with consumers has increased due to its variety. These small rugs or carpets were made after the appearance of fries in Mexico and the American Southwest, often called debris and cuts. Modern Mexican blankets are cheap and durable so that they can be used as rugs and furniture in crowded areas.

The resulting Mexican blanket use example explains how you can combine fun and style in a day.

1. Camp

The fibres that build up Mexican blankets are sturdy and robust, creating the model for resting outside. Leave it near the bonfire and place it on the floor to protect your clothes from dust or foreign bodies. Some children do not find sleep particularly refreshing like cowboys.

2. Workout

Mexican blankets are sold as yoga mats because they can make a good yoga mat. They are thick enough to hold the hard surface in place during exercise gently. So don't just book for yoga. You can use it as support according to your needs.

3. Lower the earpiece

Like expensive Mexican crafts rugs and blankets are hung and hung on the wall as a south-western style interior decorating centre. The bright colours serve as links of different colours in a large room, drawing attention with neutral colour space.

4. Get off

Mexican blankets wholesale are made from good material for the same reasons as good yoga mats. The interior and texture soften the floor. Its colour can also be used in places with heavy traffic to cover dust better than conventional patterns and colours.

5. Dinner for two

Bring a picnic box outdoor and put it on the grass on a rough Mexican blanket externally wrapping the grass. Its texture makes folding easy and comfortable. Also, it cannot be returned to the car because it drops the stain.

6. Roll

It is sold in the stores, and its pattern is used as a horse blanket, so you can find an experienced rider, especially using a Mexican blanket in the saddle.

7. Table cover

The Mexican cover is shrunk and is an excellent table slide or side table cover. While protecting the table from scratches or grooves, its colour and pattern are particularly suitable for southwest style interiors.

8. According to struggle

What are all the blankets for? Their resistance is suitable for freezing on cold winter nights. At night, place it on your bed or watch TV and press the sofa.

9. Drop

They can be beautiful decor. They function as actors, proving their use by combining the purpose of decoration and function.

10. Play

The versatile Mexican blanket is perfect for play mats for toddlers and children. To protect the child from germs on the ground or the ground, take it on the day of the game or place it on a table or chair to strengthen it with various fresh colour combinations, you will appreciate the fun and functionality they bring to any home or walk.

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