5 Essential Tips on How to Be a Great Parent for Your Child

Posted by Maria on January 30th, 2020


We feel proud and get happy when a baby comes in our life. All of us do our best for the happiness of our child. In being a good parent, sometimes, you do the things to keep your baby happy what you should never do for his/her better future.

A good parent is one who makes the best possible decision in the best interest of his/her child. It doesn’t mean that you need to be perfect in all aspects. However, it is essential for you to do what is beneficial for the overall development of your baby. Go through the tips mentioned below if you still are not clear on how to be a great father or mother for your baby:

1. Be a role model

As human beings, we learn by imitating others, and we do it more in our childhood. You would have noticed that a 2-3 year old baby abuses someone if you insult a person before your child. In simple words, a kid copies others and repeats the same quickly. You need to respect your elders and children if you want your child respects you and others. Never smoke/drink behind or before your kid if you wish to make him/her a healthy kid.

2. Make the requisite resources available

When it comes to learning or playing, you must make the resources available to your baby. For instance, buy a storybook for your child if he/she loves reading storybooks. Make the things, like papers, drawing books, colours, paint brushes if your baby likes drawing or painting. Besides, you can purchase custom rubber stamps to stimulate their creativity by leaving the imprints of their drawn images on papers or fabrics. In making the things available, you need to be a little careful. Ensure that you are not fulfilling every demand of your child that can be problematic in the future. Purchase the item or resources that are essential for learning things, playing games, etc.

3. Spend time and be friendly to your child

Whether you are an office going mom/dad or a business owner, you should fix a time for your kid. The time can be bedtime every night, after school hours, or weekends, apart from holidays. Avoid making compromises when you decide a time for your baby. Take it seriously and be with your child on the time you have scheduled. Go on a date with your child to dedicate a full day or spend quality time with him/her. While being with him/her, treat your baby as your friend and enable him/her to trust that you are the best for him/her. With this, you will facilitate your child to express his/her feelings without any hesitations.

4. Love and show your love

There is nothing to show how much you love your kid. However, your action can reveal your love to your baby. You can show your love by giving simple hugs while leaving or coming home, letting him/her express his/her feelings, etc. With this, there will develop feel-good hormones in your child that will bring him/her close to you. Your love can safeguard him/her from being bad or rude.

5. Make them able to face challenges

While parenting a child, you should try to avoid doing things that can make your child love comfortable life, as he/she can’t be ready to face any challenge in the future. In spite of making everything available, you should focus on developing skills or strengths that can make your baby brave, curious, and adaptable.


Apart from the above, you should make your parenting suitable to your child, set rules for life, facilitate independence in daily works, avoid harsh disciplines, encourage explaining the things done and stop comparisons if you want to be a good parent for your child. Your proper guidance and parenting will enable your child a helping hand for you and a good citizen in the forthcoming days.

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