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Posted by Green Field Search on January 30th, 2020

Choosing a legal recruiter in Sydney can be complex, but is essential to get the right position. With some research, you can be one step closer to a rewarding career in the legal profession.

Deciding to use a professional legal recruiter, in your job search is an individual decision. Attorneys should be careful when soliciting the assistance of a recruitment agency. At the point when you are hired through a recruiter you come with a fee for the firm, one which firms may be less willing to pay during difficult financial times.

With that being said, professional Legal Recruitment in Sydney do maintain a vast network of contacts and may save the firm time in their job searching process; however, remember that using a recruiter is one resource in an effective job search.

In most cases legal recruiters are used by larger law firms and corporations to find candidates who closely match the required qualifications and experience for a position. Contingent upon the arrangement with the firm the engagement might be contingent or exclusive. In a contingent engagement, the recruiter is one of several being used to find talent for this position. In an exclusive engagement, the recruiter is the only one being used by the employer. In both cases it is generally the employer, not the candidate, who pays the fee.

Recruiters build their pool of candidates, or talent, in two different ways: by contacting candidates identified through research or referrals ; or the candidate looking for a new position contacts the recruiter directly. Regardless of whether you are not actively seeking a new position, your situation may change in the future and you may then want to use a recruiter. It is an advantage to have a short conversation with recruiters.

After an initial contact, most recruiters will arrange an in-person meeting before presenting a candidate to an employer. As a candidate, you should try to meet the legal recruiter in person before authorizing him or her to submit your materials to an employer. Use the meeting as an opportunity to learn more about the recruiter and the position.

You can likewise ask to meet with a recruiter as part of your general job search, rather than in response to a specific position. Use that meeting to learn about the employer relationships he or she has and the strategy the recruiter suggests for you in your job search. In that meeting you should talk with the recruiter, and agree upon, which employers he or she can send your materials.

If you are meeting in regards to a particular position, try to get a sense about the recruiter’s relationship with that employer as well as more details about the position. It is essential to be clear with the recruiter about his or her authority and to work together to craft a search strategy.

So, find current and future legal opportunities with Legal Recruitment in Sydney.

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