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Office Wall Art Ideas: Define Your Brand with Art

Posted by ChandakGroup on January 30th, 2020

How effectively does a wall art on an Office space in Andheri work? How much should one spend on it? Is it really worth the expense? Will someone ever notice it? How should you implement office wall art? How to go with the thought of representing your company's brand and values? How to choose the art that matches not only your Office space in Andheri but also your overall culture? These are few questions which often comes to one’s mind when decorating office space in Andheri.

An office is a representation of your brand and workings. It is an impactful way to motivate your team and engage visitors. Just like the dress one wears creates an image about the person, similarly the wall art can createin your clients and visitor’s mind. Chandak Group’s Chambers project having its Commercial Office Space In Andheri East is an opulent office that greets and attracts its client.

Here we go with a few thematic ideas to get those bare walls to turn to art.

1.Colorful Art

To liven up your office space, why not try to pop up the walls with some bright colors. If the nature of your business is manufacturing, you can use panels of colors to bring in the refreshing look. You can either turn your entire office walls into a fantastic mural or just keep it light to keep the vibe going.

The colorful wall art can have a positive impact on your employees’ mindset and can take your business to the next step. You can easily create wall art with words and string lights. Encourage your staff with words such as "EMPOWER" or "WE CAN DO IT", which is effective and energizing.

2. Understated Art

If creating a vibrant workspace is just not your brand's vibe, it's totally ok. Alternatively, you can decorate the various sections of your Commercial Office Space In Andheri East differently to evoke vibes depending on how each section of your office space is used. For a calming, toned down atmosphere, go for prints and paint colors with muted tones. Go for understated hues such as dusty pink, tan, grey, and white (and a few light pops of color here and there!)

3. Geographical Art

How about showing a little patronage in your office space in Andheri wall art that exemplifies the city your company is in. It could be anything from a street map, a sign, photos selecting famous landmarks — anything that represents your city. Consider introducing muted hues which is a great way to introduce style without over powering the space. For a spacious room such as a conference hall, go for a world map. Get a colored one to make it look even more attractive.

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