Hemp Oil for Pets [The Complete Guide]

Posted by Eric on January 30th, 2020


Like humans, mammals too possess an endogenous cannabinoid system, the ECS. That’s why hemp oil supplements are not just very beneficial to you, but also your pet. The four main tasks of the ECS are neuroprotection (the attempt to prevent nerve cells from dying), stress regeneration, immune balance, and homeostatic regulation.

The hemp oil extract compounds react with and stimulate certain ECS receptors and improve the body’s function. The ECS in our and our pets bodies is now considered one of the essential physiological systems regarding maintaining and achieving good health. Hemp oil is directly supplementing the ECS and helping it to work more efficiently. Supporting and maintaining overall health and balance within your pet’s body.


Many pet owners wonder whether hemp oil is also suitable for their pet. Some might fear to give it to theirs due to the cannabis origin of hemp oil. But Hemp oil extract is not psychoactive. Hemp oil pet products from Nutralife Wellness™ are made from industrial hemp, it’s accredited and lab tested for its chemical compounds, toxins, and appearance of solvents. Our pet products are regarded as non-psychoactive and safe.

Therefore, taking hemp oil in its isolated and concentrated form within nutritional supplements will not be harmful to your pet’s health. It has been shown that hemp oil extract is safe both in vitro (in cell cultures) and in vivo (in living organisms such as animals and humans).

It is just very important to make sure to only use high-quality products, which are accredited and fully lab tested. In fact, inadequate supplements often contain harmful chemicals and other undesirable ingredients that are bad for the health of your pet in the long term.

 We generally recommend discussing the use of hemp oil with your veterinarian before giving it to your pet. Especially if your pet has to take prescribed medication you should get a professional opinion on how the hemp oil might interact with the medication your pet is already taking.


We know from our section “HOW DOES HEMP OIL WORK FOR MY PET?” that hemp oil can be as helpful to pets as it is to humans. The body of your pet is built to be able to benefit from the positive properties of the hemp oil supplements.

Hemp oil extract could be very good for your dog or cat, supporting and maintaining overall health and balance within the body of your pet.

Even pets in the best possible physical condition can benefit from the health-promoting properties of hemp oil.

Out of real care, we want to mention again that hemp oil may be beneficial, but may also interact with some medications. Before you decide to give your pet hemp oil, you should consult your veterinarian to find out if it would benefit your dog or cat.

You will find a lot more in-depth information and examples on this page regarding hemp oil and its possible positive impact on the health of your pet, also on how to use and dosage hemp oil dog and cat tinctures.


Hemp oil can help the body of your pet to self-regulate and restore a state of homeostasis.

As described in the beginning, the receptors of the ECS are actively facilitating overall health and balance in the body, in all important systems. It’s your pets main physiological systems regarding maintaining and achieving good health.

The natural compounds of hemp oil extract are able to uniquely support and have a great impact on the efficiency of the bodywide health promoting system. The range of application of hemp oil pet products is therefore very wide.

What does hemp oil help my dog or cat with? 

– Helps maintain healthy bone and joint function.
– Helps maintain cardiovascular function.
– Helps support the immune system.
– Helps reduce the negative effects of stress.
– Supports neurological functions.


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