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Posted by uratechusa on January 30th, 2020

Uratech USA Inc and ISO Certified organization manufactures different varieties of CNC Tool carts and each of them has a model type Cat 40 Tool Cart which is designed on our product with perfection according to the customer’s requirement. We have various types of cart models with unique holder specification. CAT 40 is one such holder specification which is available in all the type of CNC Tool Carts.

Uratech excels in product design and quality, which helps the customer to safeguard their investments and provides the best support to their machine tools and their employees for maximum efficiency.

CAT 40 - BT 40 CNC Tool carts are highly demandable products in the market..


Uratech USA Inc and an ISO certified organization in USA manufactures CNC Tool carts ideal for CAT 40 – BT 40 type CNC Holders.

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