Is the Healer Archetype Limiting Your Business?

Posted by Jessymeshak on January 31st, 2020

Did you accomplish your #1 priority.  Yantra Manifestation Review Did you complete or make progress on your secondary priorities. Did you do some items among the 3rd tier priorities, or did you take your attention off your top priority and allow these less important activities to be completed first. If you're not happy when you review your results, this is not a time to berate yourself. Instead ask these questions.

Take the time to review your previous week and list all your accomplishments. If you want to, you could list them in columns with headings relevant to your life, such as Business, Personal and Social. The purpose here is to help you have a visual scorecard about how balanced your life is. Some potential headings depending on what is relevant to your life could be, Job, Business, Career, Play, Social Life, Family Life, Personal Business. Choose three categories that would meaningfully represent the areas where you typically focus your efforts.

You can use this tool to record your accomplishments as you go through the week. This is an especially helpful exercise if you end up each week feeling like you did nothing or accomplished nothing. Tracking your actions as you go will show you where your focus is and help you analyze the use of your time and make changes as needed. It will also show you what you need to do to balance your life better.

After this run through, start planning for your new week. Once you've analyzed the previous week, it will become obvious if you need to approach the upcoming week differently. You may realize that you want an entirely different #1 priority. Look at the upcoming week. Choose your #1 priority. Choose two secondary priorities. Beneath each of these priorities, list all the small action steps you will take to accomplish them.

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