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Posted by Neon Poodle on January 31st, 2020

When it comes to marketing the location of your business, there are a lot of different types of signs that you can choose from. One kind of sign that has been popular for decades is the neon sign. If you are thinking about using neon lights in order to advertise your location, there are a few things that you should consider.

Custom Neon Lights are a tremendous advantage to businesses, especially small businesses, because of the high visibility that they offer. Having an abundance of density, custom neon lights can be seen from very long distance and all things considered, can attract the on-lookers from a long distance to stop by and pay a visit to the spot. In addition to the fact that they stand out due to the fact that they are lit up, but it enables potential customers to spot their location even at night.

While neon lights will positively attract attention for your business, there are a couple of things to consider when implementing them. First of all, you don't want to annoy the people around you by making your neon sign stand out too much. You should likewise be cautious about putting up too many neon signs, since doing so can cause a visual clutter, making it hard for potential customers to process what exactly is being promoted.

Another critical aspect of signage is (well) what it says. You may think it is obvious what you should put on a sign: your business's name. However, you may need to additionally provide your logo. After all, your signage delivers your branding to potential customers around-the-clock – so using a logo and your brand colors can be a smart way to enhance recognition.

Essentially, that way your sign is aligned with the rest of your business and marketing materials. A logo will sometimes be excessively complex for a sign, be noncompliant with ordinances, or otherwise be problematic. While your logo may not be conceivable, try your best to at least use a brand-consistent font and colors.

Beyond the idea of what you want to put on the sign, you should have an effective strategy that guides design – the elements of which are harvested from research and analysis of best practices. Don't simply consider colors and the logo but considerations such as traffic flow and readability.

At the point when you consider the design of your sign, it helps to take into account all additional elements of its presentation. The height and width, where a sign is placed, its method of illumination, and other considerations are basic for effectiveness of signage but are dictated in part by the business’s location.

You have probably seen business signs that had an incredibly exquisite font that was attractive but borderline illegible. Clarity of the message through easy-to-read text is the key. Signage is not just about design and installation but also the production of a physical object. Since you need to really make the sign, a high-quality manufacturer is required.

So, ensure visibility and grow your brand with Custom Neon Lights.

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