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Posted by John Smith on January 31st, 2020

That bamboo wood is known by the nickname of the steel grass is not accidental. This nickname allows us to get an idea that we are facing an extremely hard and resistant type of fiber, which is why every day it is more used in the manufacture of pavements.


Bambus Sichtschutz Elemente is one of the most ecological and sustainable that is currently used as it is a plant that grows rapidly and abundantly, hence its felling does not pose a threat to the environment or put itself in danger of extinction.

While a conventional wood forest takes between 30 and 60 years to repopulate, one of the bamboo regenerates in a matter of 7-10 years, both in plantations managed by farmers and virgin forests. In addition, bamboo does not need to be replanted since it sprouts naturally and is one of the most efficient vegetables that absorb carbon dioxide, 30% than the rest of the trees.

Thermal self-regulation:

One of the characteristics of bambusparkett that you may not know is that it is an inert pavement that remains impassive to changes in temperature that in other woods cause contractions and dilations.

In fact, as a flooring material, bamboo has the advantage of helping to self-regulate the ambient temperature of the rooms in which it is located, so that in winter it is warm and prevents the appearance of humidity while in summer, It is fresh.

Also, it is wood with exceptional durability. Given its high compactness and low water absorption, it is not usually the attack of xylophages or fungal rot processes.

The aesthetics and quality of the finishes are completely comparable to those of other traditional woods, creating warm and comfortable environments.

Acoustic insulation:

Not only are we facing a type of water-repellent floors capable of maintaining perfect thermal conditions in the home, but we are also facing a type of floor that absorbs noise and is non-slip and anti-allergic.

In, we have an extensive range of bamboo flooring. It has a good quality, a quality guarantee that gives rise to elegant, comfortable and personality floors. Get to know all the options available in our catalog depending on the type of slats, color, and texture.

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