The Need of Notary Public and the Value Provided by Them

Posted by whitehorsenotarypublic on January 31st, 2020

A notary public is a public servant appointed by a state official and their focus is to witness the signing of documents and administer oaths. They serve to deter fraud, appearing as an impartial witness for legal documents such as affidavit, etc.

The notary public service in the city of London serves as impartial witnesses to legal transactions, administer oaths and acknowledgments. Their impartial service is of great value in establishing public trust.

Almost everyone needs to use the notary public Aldgate at some point in their lives. Sometimes, we may not even understand why we need to find one or their role in the transaction. If you are curious, here's a brief overview of the valuable services provided by notary publics in the UK.

A Notary Public Is An Impartial Witness:

Only the licensed and appointed by the individual states, the primary function of a notary is to serve as an impartial witness to the signing of important, often life-changing, documents.

Moreover, the notary public London has undergone specialized training and unless they have been commissioned to serve in other states, they are barred from performing notarial acts outside of their state or jurisdiction. Although notaries perform acts in legal affairs, they do not practice law themselves. Instead, they serve the important role of fraud deterrence.

Some of the more common forms that may need to be witnessed are: mortgages or deeds, titles, wills and power of attorney, affidavit or paperwork related to retirement investments and banking.

It is important to note that although a notary public service can verify that all forms and documents are in order, they cannot advise the signer or interpret the document in any way. They also cannot notarize anything in which they may have a personal interest.

Another regular function of notaries is to take oaths and acknowledgments. This is one reason why it is so common to find them working as secretaries, bankers, court reporters or government workers. These are all career fields where the taking of oaths or acknowledgments is relatively common.

By verifying that the person signing a document is indeed who they claim to be, notary public London helps ensure that document transactions between strangers are legitimate and valid. The only time they may refuse service to an individual is if there is doubt about the signer's identity, competence, or willingness to sign or if they suspect fraud is being committed. They cannot refuse to serve anyone based on race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, and lifestyle or for not being a customer of their place of business.

It is this upholding of mobile notary trust that makes this kind of service so valuable. By verifying that signees are who they claim to be, are not signing under duress and understand what they are signing, notaries provide a level of confidence in transactions that may not exist otherwise. So now you should have fully understood the ever-increasing need for notary public services.

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