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Posted by Anoop Tiwari on January 31st, 2020

Transactional SMS are important and necessary messages for the user or customer. These types of messages are also known as ‘Service Messages’.  In simple and common language, these messages are consist of information that is important for the user. These types of messages don’t perform any promotional or advertising activity. They solely consist of information that belongs to the respective user only. The Transactional SMS Service works between the machines to a person in nature and the SMSs are sent when a transaction is completed.

In the Transactional SMS Service, the messages are sent automatically the user or customers registered device after a certain event or activity has been performed. These messages also get triggered when the event failed to happen successfully at that time.

Let us take an example from our daily life to under it easily and quickly. Suppose you purchased a product from a brand store. During this, you made the billing done on the billing counter you shared your mobile number on the person's request. Then, after a while, you automatically get a message on your same number about the purchase in a summarized form. Likewise, you also receive an SMS from your bank after you withdraw or deposit money in your account.

In both cases, the SMS are automatically generated from the respective transactional SMS service. It is only for customer’s convenience to inform them about the happening activity. These messages can be received overall devices that opted for DND as well.

Types of Transactional SMS

As a user or customer, it is very important for everyone to learn about what type of SMSs are categorized under Transactional SMS Service.

  • Messages on Bank Account activities.
  • Account access message with a one-time password.
  • Account password reset.
  • Shipping and Delivery updates over online shopping.
  • Ticketing messages i.e. Booking, Cancellation, Reminder message.
  • Business Appointment messages to multiple customers without personal contact.
  • Billing or Invoice Messages.
  • Government Organization message to generate awareness among masses.
  • And many more…

Benefits of Transactional SMS Service

  1. Good Reader Coverage: The Transactional SMS is the most reliable message in which customers like to go through it once quickly. According to the Venture Beat report, more than 90% of receivers read these transactional messages within the first three minutes.
  2. Convenient and Easiest medium: Averagely every smartphone user spends about 3.5 hours a day on their phone. Therefore, reaching the customer through messages is one of the most convenient and easiest media. In addition to that, these service messages come with a maximum surety of reach to the other end.
  3. Helps People: The transactional SMS service is very beneficial and helpful to people. As it assists people to get in knowledge about various brands and services. With this, these companies and brands automatically gain customer confidence and build a great brand image into the market.
  4. Share Reliable and Valuable information: The information users get through transactional SMS service are very reliable and valuable. This information could help him to learn about the numerous activities associated with his personal accounts.

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