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Augmented Reality Games - A Whole New Paradigm

Posted by michellumb55 on January 31st, 2020


In recent times, there has been a great revolution in mobile technology. An example of such a revolution is the augmented reality (AR) technology, which is one of the most advanced technologies and is now in the mainstream because of the launch of the augmented reality mobile-based games.

In an immersive game environment, augmented based game technology has made it possible to have real and virtual. Augmented reality technology enhances the players gaming experience by providing a new and exciting way for he/she to control their positions and 3D movements.

Not only has augmented reality taken mobile gaming platform to a new level but it has also added a great value to handheld devices in that augmented reality game handheld devices are now considered as the best option by most. Most of these devices have a camera at the back, just behind the screen, which is the way to only achieve a see-through effect at mass-market cost.

Programmers and developers who have the required skill set in Application & Games can easily develop these games. However, not much in terms of skill set is required in the development of the game is needed but to a great degree technical literacy such as computer vision skill, desktop/web/ mobile programming, and 3D modeling( including shading, rendering and texturing). In addition, there is a need to be aware of programming languages such as C++ and C and have the passion to push through the boundaries of technology.

Augmented Mixed Reality has also influenced the entertainment world by enlightening us and providing the needed information in the most entertaining ways. For example, there is a pair of glasses available in the market show the description of monuments that you cross while wearing them. In the same line, we can use iPad, tablets, or smartphones that contain apps that show us Wikipedia details of any buildings. Thus, you get informed while at the same time entertained.

Other domains that augmented reality could be used include fields such as medical, entertainment, military training, engineering design telerobotics, and robotics. In its applications in domains such as medical and militant training, the utility of the technology increases several folds as in thee domains it helps both doctors and soldier to better serve their country.

Up to now, we have a very fine view of how augmented technology will enhance each aspect of our lives in the coming days. This has also made way for AR-based developers and programmers by making their demand in the technological market rise. Now, everyone wants to hire a skilled and experienced AR programmer to be ready for future demand.

There are different types of Application & Games currently available that utilize gyroscope, camera, accelerometer, and microphones. However, they have a higher possibility of bringing newer experiences to the user if they are combined with AR and VR. Imagine walking through a recreated 3D virtual environment that is a recreation of your neighborhood and using your Smartphone as a teetering device to protect yourself from the wave of zombies. This is not just an analogy but also a technology that is here with us. What remains is for it to be packaged in a user-friendly way so that they can enjoy it.

Wouldn’t it be impressive if we combined meticulous graphics with a well thought virtual reality experience? This I very clear to a person familiar with PC based virtual demos. Now it is just a matter of time before such experiences make their way into our handheld device. We can only agree that android games have come a long way and they are continuing to push more barriers.

Find more information relating to Mixed Reality, and Application & Games here.

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