Benefits of steel frames for construction

Posted by Prestige Buildings on January 31st, 2020

Of late, more and more companies are opting for steel frames for their under construction projects, thanks to various advantages offered by steel framing of the buildings. First and foremost, steel frames offer utmost durability and sturdiness to the structure, resulting in its longevity. Apart from this, there are various additional benefits of using steel frames for buildings, some of which are as mentioned in the following article.

Most builders opt for mild steel for construction of their steel buildings Ontario, for reasons that, mild steel provides durability and strength to the structure of the building, making it last for years and years. Another important aspect seen in usage of steel in construction of building frames is flexibility. Steel can withstand the onslaught of weather elements, be that, heavy rains with winds or earthquake.

Mild steel is known for its plasticity or ductility factors which means that, steel frames do not crack or break unlike glass ones. Instead, mild steel are known to take a new shape, if bent. The tendency of steel frames to bend or deform gives ample of time for the building occupants to evacuate the place. As far as frames made from other materials are concerned, they just break down and collapse, leaving no time for the inhabitants to protect their lives.

Steel frames are now being used in different types of building constructions, with some of the uses being as mentioned herewith.

. Steel frames are ideal for high rise buildings, thanks to the low weight and strength of steel material. By using steel frames, builders can ensure of faster completion of the project.

. Using steel frames is an ideal option for structures like warehouses or industrial buildings. Apart from creating bigger space, steel can also prove to be cost effective.

. Thanks to its easy setup and removal, steel frames are ideal for building temporary structures.

. The light gauge of steel makes it an ideal choice for building residential structures.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are various other benefits attached to usage of steel frames, for construction work. As compared to frames made from other materials, steel frames are light weighted, thereby allowing better resistance against strong winds and rains.

Listed herewith are some of the commonly opted for steel building construction by the builders.

. Conventional steel fabrication

This process involves cutting of metal fabrications into different lengths and the welding them together for use in final structure.

. Light gauge steel

Similar to wooden frame construction procedure, light gauge steel construction, is used by engineers for constructing residential Steel buildings Peterborough.

. Bolted frame

This is the most preferred methods as compared to the two above mentioned ones. All one needs to do is, lift the steel frames with the help of cranes and bolt them.

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