How To Have A Sound Sleep Even During Periods?

Posted by Neilstark on January 31st, 2020

That time of the month’ brings along cramps, mood swings, food cravings but the most disturbing part about it still remains the sleepless nights you go through. Isn’t it? As a  matter of fact, not just you but almost 70% of females that admit periods make them sleepless. Clearly, the same is to be blamed on the fluctuating hormone levels right before your periods are about to begin and then the flow and cramps that just won’t let you sleep in the position you love. But, don’t you worry, there are a lot of problems that can help you sleep better during this time. Let us unravel them for you one by one below, read on!

Exercise to keep PMSing in control-

Workout increases movement in your body and you don’t just feel active but also start feeling sleepy due to it at the right time at night. So, maybe don’t go for a hardcore exercise but a half an hour walk during these days or some cycling.

Heat pad to keep you warm and cosy-

We won’t suggest you to take pills for cramps, they can have repercussions if made a habit. So, don’t go for them, rather, take a heating pad or warm water bottle and keep it on the area you are feeling cramps and pain at. This will surely make you feel better.

Pen your thoughts and do acupressure- The mood swings get you irritated quickly for no reason. So, try to write all the negativity running in your mind so that you don’t burst it out on someone else unnecessarily on someone else! You must press the acupressure points for period pain relief. Trust us that works, do try!

Shun the heavy snacks-

No matter how much you crave ice creams and chocolates, you should binge eat any of them. Remember they are calories, and you should stay away from them. Such fatty food items can make you gain weight which you will repent later. So, try avoiding that. In place of these try eating fruits and yoghurt.

Buy orthopedic mattress

These kinds of mattresses add to your comfort. When you start using orthopedic mattress, not just on your period days but also on your normal days, you get to sleep in any position you like, The mattress provides extra cushioning and embraces the position you are sleeping in. Apart from that, the mattress comes with a perfect blend of softness and stiffness to help you deal with cramps, back pain or any muscle soreness in the body well.

Voila! Try the aforementioned tips and let us know which one worked the most for you. We won’t say let us know if these worked or not as these are the best and tried and tested ones. Also, if none of these help, and you are not able to sleep well even after you buy orthopedic mattress, consider consulting a doctor.

May you experience better sleep during your not so good days, Amen!

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