CEO Dr. Robert Blaine is being sued by a former employee for sexual harassment.

Posted by johnnyjerry on January 31st, 2020

A lawsuit against Robert Blaine was filed last month accusing him of predatory behavior toward female nurses and employees.

“He has a sketchy past. He would berate staff and call his nurses whores and ugly,” an insider familiar with the case told Page Six.

“Blaine had a bedroom, that defendants referred to as the ‘SSR — Secret Sex Room’ or ’SFR — Secret F–k Room,’ accessible through a secret bookcase door in his office where he engaged in sexual relations with female employees,” the lawsuit claims.

Another wild claim in the suit is, “Blaine watched female employees on a security camera monitor in his office and zoomed in on their breasts and buttocks.”

Last year, an online survey found that about 81 percent of women had been sexually harassed, with 43 percent of men going through some form of sexual harassment. The survey, one of many that have been commissioned after the #MeToo movement went viral, included a large representative sample of men and women above age 18, which explains why the numbers were much higher than those reported by other polls.

Beyond specific numbers, there’s growing consensus that sexual harassment is a pervasive societal ill that permeates all areas of everyday life. Worse still, sexual harassment isn’t monitored by public health practitioners and is often dismissed because it isn’t considered as bad as rape or sexual assault.

Holly Kearl, the author of the report, says victims often suffer from anxiety and depression, just like victims of rape and sexual violence. "It [the report] shows how challenging it is to confront someone. You'd rather change your life than confront the harasser," she says.

Victims also changed their lives to avoid harassers instead of confronting them, something that makes it difficult for the victims to process events related to sexual harassment and get help for ensuing mental issues.

In Blaine’s case, his company, Blaine Labs was bought by Howard Mann’s Alternate Health last year, but Blaine still runs the company. Mann also named him president and chief medical officer and company director of his CBD cannabis company.
Blaine said former acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker previously joined the company as outside counsel last month, but a spokesperson for Mr. Whitaker told us, “Mr. Whitaker and Alternative Health parted company amicably last November after he was brought in as outside counsel last summer.”

“These are all false allegations and we look forward to our day in court,” a lawyer for Blaine told us.

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