What Are the Best Blood Sugar Levels For You?

Posted by Jessymeshak on February 1st, 2020

Foods that are perfect combinations Sugar Balance Review  of fat and sugar are cleverly designed to encourage us to eat more. Add to that our sedentary lifestyle and we end up in a lifetime battle trying to beat the bulge. And as you age, you have a tendency to put on weight. Research has shown the average adult puts on one pound 0.5kg per year from the age of twenty-five. Add that up... that is a substantial weight gain!

Now ladies, this is not good news. At the time of menopause, there is a tendency to lose muscle and gain fat which leads to the apple shape which is more common in men. This is the fat that sits around your abdominal area.

You have heard about Syndrome X, the Metabolic Syndrome and the Insulin Resistance Syndrome... well, this is where it is thought to start... the excess weight around your waistline. And the central role is played by insulin. Insulin is the hormone responsible for opening the receptor doors on your cells to allow sugar to enter.

Once you have a lot of fat around your abdominal area, this process no longer works efficiently... this fat gets in the way and the condition known as insulin resistance is born. This mean glucose or sugar finds it more difficult to leave your blood stream. And when this happens your body will no longer burn fat and it will also start to turn your excess blood sugar into fat.


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