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Which type of wind chime is good for which direction?

Posted by windschime on February 1st, 2020

Choosing wind chimes is a matter of knowing what kind of wind chimes will actually work or not. People are not very aware of differences and what kind of tools they need for real effect. So, to address these problems and clear misconceptions, this essay will help in resolving all those problems.

Wind Chime: Create bad or good energy

Since wind chimes have a very soothing sound; some people believe that the wind chimes attract evil spirits. But the truth is that the sound of the windchime scares away the evil spirits. A wind chime makes your home a wonderful place by its music which attracts people to your house and installs positive energy in your home. Wind chimes are also used in meditation as well as in yoga music all over the world. That is why wind chimes become popular in Hindu temples as well as in pagodas. Wind chimes with five prongs can dispel any negative energy. Wind chimes are basically energy changer devices. So, people having problems find a wind chime very helpful as they convert bad energy into good energy by making people calm and relax.

Types of wind chimes

Wind chimes are of three types:

Type 1: Metallic wind chime

Type 2: Wooden wind chime

Type 3: Ceramic wind chime

Each type of wind chime should be hung in the right direction for the best results to make you more fortunate and to enhance your luck. So, what are the right directions for each type of wind chime?

  • For metallic wind chime, the right directions to get maximum benefit are north, northwest, and west.
  • For Bamboo wind chime, the right directions to get maximum benefit are south, southeast and east.
  • For Ceramic wind chime, the right directions to get maximum benefit are southwest and northeast.

Right directions to get maximum results while using Metal wind chime only

A very big wind chime or a very small wind chime is not very preferred. When you use metallic wind chime in the north, you activate your career luck and when you use it in the west direction, it is good for your children. If you are looking for support from influential and powerful people in your life, then you should use a metallic wind chime and that too of six prongs in the northwest of your house. The right direction is north, northwest, and west for this wind chime. The bad energy will get automatically cleared while using the wind chimes in the right direction. It is recommended that one should not use wind chime in high traffic areas.

Right directions to get maximum results while using Bamboo wind chime only

When you hand a bamboo wind chime in the south direction, you activate your fame luck while in east direction, it is good for your health and when it is used in the southeast direction, then it brings you luck relating to wealth. So, it makes you wealthier. The right direction is south, southeast, and east for this type of wind chime. The problem associated with this kind of wind chime can be that they are not fully metallic. Therefore, one has to be extra careful while buying metallic wind chime for its good working. One needs to have all metallic wind chimes. Copper is considered to be most effective while choosing specific metals to be used but 100 % copper wind chime is generally not available in the market as it is very expensive these days. So, you can use a wind chime made up of alloys. You must keep in mind that alloys used in wind chime should consist of copper in its composition.

Right directions to get maximum results while using Ceramic wind chime only

This type of wind chime can also be used in the center of your house. If someone wants to be popular and is hungry for popularity then, hang a nine prongs ceramic wind chime in the southwest. It will really help him to get popular.

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