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Posted by innoclazz on February 1st, 2020

It’s always been a worry for the parents who are really concerned about the grades and percentage of their students, this is especially true in this competent industry demanding multi-skilled graduates for every profession. Being in the weak, poorly streamlined, mainstream education system existing at the present time in India, Those students who wish to peruse their higher education in a good College or aiming to attempt a competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc., must definitely require a personal tutor who is able to handle the complete subject for the given length of time. home tuition jobs near me

Past studies depicted that the home tutoring is an in demand stream in tutoring industry. According to the Zion Market Research, Global Private Tutoring Market surpass a whooping USD 177,621 Million By 2026. Among these figures, countries from Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and China lead the share with more than 90% of the total world’s industry. Surprisingly, India has joined the list from the past 5 years with many startups mushrooming.


The recent private survey showed that at least 87% of the secondary school wishing to take up some or the other form of supplementary educational services is either by a home tutor or by an online tutor. This really means the education system is packed with numbers rather than the systematic and streamlining in approach. Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, NaviMumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh etc. has an average search of 3, 00000 google searches per city.  

Global standards, competency ratios, increasing peer pressure, parental expectation of pushing their kid to a better levels making things furthermore open for need to have a home tutor as far as the Indian context is concerned. An average 86% of parents think supplementary education is mandatory and these feel there isn’t enough time to invigilate their son’s /daughter’s progress on a day to day basis.  

Another factor nourishing the entrepreneurs to start a home tutoring portal is the up-gradation in the curriculum standards, number of hours, which in turn invites many new entries into this kind of platforms. Most cases, today’s education is well ahead than what it was 5 years back. The curriculum that is existing in a 7th standard today is almost the same as what a graduate use to study in the past.

Funny but fact!, we have noticed many  of the best teachers who worked in a reputed organization  turned into fulltime private coaching experts which really shows the need that the education industry has especially the private coaching. On the other hand, the income that an active home tutor generates is better than annual salaries of traditional teachers. This is supported by the fat that private tutors charge somewhere between 700-2500 per hour per student on one-to-one basis that really speaks a story.

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