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What is Website Developing and types of web developers

Posted by ncritsolution on February 1st, 2020

Let us first know what is website or web designing. we all have gone through various websites like e-commerce website for shopping, news websites, etc. we go through only that websites which we find more informative, attractive and most importantly user friendly. To run a website successfully we need to keep and maintain our website resourceful and easily accessible.

Web design plays a significant role in the production and maintenance of a website. It is generally related to front end design of the website i.e. client-side. A website should be developed keeping in mind the uses and needs of the consumer or client.

For creating a website there are two jobs which are primarily associated with website and they are web designers and web developers. Web designers must have a working knowledge of CSS and HTML which are markup languages, important for designing a website. Their main focus must be on the visual aspects of the website, i.e. the layout of the website, typography of the web page and its coloring too.

Whereas, Web developers are those who specialize in creating websites. They are software engineers who are responsible towards the development of a website using a client-server model. The web developers must have the full knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, http, Coding so he can create a good website. Web developers generally work on both the server-side and the front end. The web developers can be full-time worker or they take up the contractual jobs too such as freelancing depending upon their needs.

The organisations including large corporations or small or medium sized companies also keep web developers for full time or on the contractual basis. There are various kinds of development involved in the website and it's not necessary that a single person has all the knowledge of development, therefore there are certain types of Web Developer involved in the making of websites and they are-

1- Front-end web developers

These type of developers generally focus on the front end i.e. client-side, they convert all the data and information into a graphical interface with the help of HTML, CSS, and Javascript which enables and help the viewers or client to view and interact with the information available on the website.

2- Fulk-Stack Developers

These developers develop both the front end and the back end of applications or websites. They are also familiar with Html, CSS, and javascript. They work on both the server and client software. This type of web developer also knows how to program a database, server or a browser.

3- Back-end developers

This type of developer helps in maintaining the information system or software application working and active by creating the core computational or functional logic. Their main role is to ensure that whatever data or information is required bt the client-server i.e front end are provided to them through all the programs means. They perform the function of debugging and testing all the applications and systems of the backend.

4- Middle-Tier Developers

Middle tier developers are those who are not a full-stack developer, i.e they are not fully specialized in the front-end or back-end development but has little knowledge about both of these. This kind of developers generally write non-UI code that helps in running the website and non-core code running on a server.


 Web developers are the main source for developing the website. If the website crashes or any bugs are there they can easily help get rid of all these, therefore, it's better to have the best web developer and you can find the best website Developer in Gurgaon

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