Roku and Fox Make Deal to Continue Super Bowl LIV Streaming

Posted by Aida Martin on February 1st, 2020

Super Bowl 2020 will stream on Fox apps as Roku and Fox make a last-minute deal. The reason behind the dispute is still unknown.

The chances of streaming Super Bowl 2020 in 4K HDR on Fox apps were looking bleak, but a last-minute deal between Roku and Fox saves the day. A few hours ago, Roku and Fox reached a new agreement regarding Fox apps' streaming Super Bowl 2020 for free.

It was looking as Roku and Fox were following the trend of disputes between streaming-device producers and channel owners. A Super Bowl 2020 blackout almost ruined the fun for the people, but the last-minute deal is refreshing after the tension. These sorts of blackouts are infamous for growth over time, mostly resulting in partnership split, and it was looking the same with Roku and Fox. It is still unknown as to who started the dispute or who caved in. It does not matter as long as the fans get to enjoy the Super Bowl 2020 stream in 4K HDR.

A Fox spokesperson stated that "they are pleased to be able to make an in-between deal with Roku." He went on to announce that "Fox apps will remain active on Roku." The statement can be seen as the confirmation of streaming the anticipated Super Bowl 2020. Roku tweeted on its official Twitter account stating the following apps will stream Super Bowl:

  1. NFL
  2. FOX Sports
  3. FOX Now

It was only yesterday when Roku announced having a distribution dispute with Fox. It directly converted to the blackout of the Super Bowl stream, which left a sour taste in every fans' mouth. The agreement seemed impossible as it looked like an attempt to enrage the fans for convincing the other party to submit.

Roku went as far as to convince the viewers to watch the Super Bowl on other apps like:

  1. Fubo TV
  2. NFL
  3. Xfinity
  4. Sling TV

Fox increased the pressure as Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity were attempting to rile up the audiences directly. Several angry tweets were suggesting the viewers to ditch Roku. The fight did pack high stakes as it was a matter of streaming Super Bowl, and that too on the highest streaming quality. It further reduced the odds of a deal as Fox reportedly declined an extension deal.

To this, Fox repulsed announcing the move as a badly-timed negotiation tactic aimed to fabricate an unnecessary crisis. Luckily it all turned out in good shape as now the fans will be allowed to enjoy the Super Bowl in 4K HDR.

Not so far in time, it was Walt Disney and Amazon who were in disagreement regarding the future of Amazon Fire TV. The dispute was also a short one as both the parties reached a deal in November. Allegedly, Amazon was trying to avail the rights for selling a significant portion of Disney apps' ad space.

Although the dispute was a relatively short one, the Fox-Roku dispute was even more succinct. Let's all hope that everything goes well, and fans enjoy the Super Bowl 2020 from 3rd Feb 2020.

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