The Basics for Using a Pendulum

Posted by kingofseo on February 2nd, 2020

A Pendulum in its most basic construction is made by suspending any object that is not too large and has a little weight to it on the end of a piece of string or chain so that it can swing or move easily. It is used as a divination tool to predict an outcome or to provide simple insight into an event or a topic of concern. It is often used to provide clarity and assist in decision making and to get to the truth of a matter.

A simple pendulum can be made by suspending a ring on a piece of string. You can utilize a jewelry pendant, or make use of a plumb bob from your toolbox. You can also purchase the very popular and effective pendulums that are cut or carved from various types of crystal, and are usually suspended on a light chain. These are available in a variety of shapes including balls, teardrops, octagonal points, Egyptian cut, plumb bob, Merkaba, disco balls and miniature wands.

To use a pendulum, all you need do is to suspend it over, or from between your fingers. It is best if you only have it hanging about 15cms or 6 inches below your fingers. But it's important to find a length that is comfortable for you. Some people find it helpful to hold their other hand about 3cms or an inch or so under the dangling pendulum, to complete or create an energy circuit.

Now we're almost ready to go and all we need to do is to establish a pattern of communication. This is established by asking it, in your head or out loud, "Would you please show me a yes?" The pendulum should now commence moving in some direction how to use a pendulum for healing. Allow this to build momentum. Once you have recognized and familiarised yourself with this, remember it as your 'yes' answer. Now repeat the process to establish your 'no' answer. You will usually find that this pattern of answers will be the same as any other pendulum you use subsequently.

The next step is to satisfy yourself and your pendulum that you can work together. This is achieved with a few simple questions. Ask, is my name (here use your name)? Will you work with me? If you get a 'no' answer for either of these questions, it would be well worth getting another pendulum that will work accurately with you.

Pendulums can only respond in yes or no answers, so your questions need to be very specific. For example, if you ask "will it rain today?" - Your answer will be yes. If where you are at that time it is obvious that it will be fine, you could be forgiven for doubting the outcome. It is a big world and it's bound to be raining somewhere. However, if you make it more specific and ask, "Will it rain where I am today?" you will get the proper answer.

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