Having a Perfect Snack for those Sudden Cravings

Posted by Sridevi Jasti on February 3rd, 2020

We all have had sudden cravings or hunger pangs at some or other time in our lives. Be it when you feel really hungry for snacks or when you are binge-watching your favourite TV series or when you are hanging out with your friend you like to munch on something. We can’t give up junk, giving up junk feels like the 3 most impossible words. These 3 words are a nightmare for foodies and most people hesitate this. Every person appreciates the logic of healthy eating and healthy food, but not implementing in all aspects especially while snacking. 

While health experts advise picking healthy snacking options to satisfy your cravings. Understanding that our hectic lifestyles will not allow us to take care of our snacking, but no worries we have many organic food stores available in the market. Various health food stores are offering an awesome range of healthy and gourmet food options.

 Firstly, we have to understand that we will live much longer to enjoy more kinds of food if we make some healthy eating choices whether it mat be while snacking or opting for any meals. It may seem like another pile of advice, but these are simple things that can help you in eating in a better way. Choosing a light and filling snacks from health food stores help you in meeting your clean eating goals.

Vibrant Living Foods is the leading organic food store in Hyderabad where it has been offering a huge variety of tasty and healthy food.  Sridevi Jasti, Founder-Entrepreneur of Vibrant Living Foods has pioneered healthy and clean eating in Hyderabad. She is a very popular nutritionist in Hyderabad, where her clients are from diverse backgrounds who are having very specific needs and goals. And she also has achieved great. Also, won the “iconic women of Hyderabad” award for her work in nutrition and a National Health award in Delhi.

The famous nutritionist in Hyderabad specializes in creating uber delicious and healthy gourmet foods that illustrate her personal food journeys from various countries. Now the city enjoys her delicious chia seed berry drinks, Organic snacks in Hyderabad like amaranth chikkis, organic chikki bar, meals like beetroot lasagna, and many other pure and very nutritious snacks like organic nuts and dry fruits that make your taste buds happy and the locale are enjoying a  great appreciation! 

Vibrant Living retail store offering a wide assortment of yummy & healthy organic snacks in Hyderabad and all over the country, cold-pressed drinks, desserts… 

Vibrant Living’s online organic food store features the convenience of delivering delicious and good food at your doorstep at the click of a button.

Organic Nuts and Dry Fruits 

Organic nuts and dry fruits are loaded with health essential nutrients and minerals, they are easy to digest and readily available snacks that you can eat guilt-free. You can get these organic snacks from the best organic food store in Hyderabad that is from Vibrant Living. We are offering a wide variety of yummy and nutritious organic nuts and dry fruits with our signature twist. Try our very appetizing almond varieties, seeds, nuts, organic jewel trail mix, etc.

Organic Chikki Bars 

Organic chikki bars are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. They are ideal for a healthy snacking alternative and they can make a healthy replacement for your conventional chocolates. Great for nutritional and health benefits. Health food stores’ organic chikki bars offer a mineral and nutrient-rich diet with dates, almonds, other dry fruits and seeds, nuts, mixed with some natural sweeteners to give a delicious & energizing kick to any mundane day. 


Buy yummy namkeen from the organic food store in Hyderabad- Vibrant Living to satisfy your savoury cravings. Enjoy the fresh flavor of amaranth puffs, puffed rice, blended with some organic spices to make it tastier yet healthy savoury snack for you. 

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