Entering The Golf World Of New Golfers

Posted by VivianaWise on February 3rd, 2020


When people come to me In order to teach golf The first question I have to ask everyone is "What do you want to play golf, the answer has come. Sorted by group number Descending.

1. want to play because want to exercise For good health And socializing with friends

2. Cannot play a sport that is regularly played Because it's too heavy Therefore turned his attention to golf

3. Want to play golf, to socialize, to please the boss to advance the position. Career

4. Want to play to improve yourself to be a good golfer And may develop to a professional level

It can be seen that in each group There are differences with the intention of entering the world of golf. But for me, as a golf teacher Will be divided into only 2 groups, which are


A group that is seriously committed to playing golf - Which is the group that has the answer in 1-2-4. People in this group will have real intention To seriously play golf Have high intention in studying and practicing Which I would be very happy to teach people in this group. Click this link: GolferSolution for more information.

Group entering into golf golf insidious - Which is the group that answered in Article 3. which has quite a small amount People in this group are difficult to teach. Because of the lack of true intentions Most of them are people who do not have sports in their hearts, they are the original capital. Lack of determination After studying in an hour Almost no further training Therefore can develop very slowly And finally, people in this group will disappear from golf.

People who will advance in their professional positions from golf. I personally do not deny that there is no Yes. Really And quite a lot too But These things are caused by the golf they already play golf in. And play with love in golf A good golfer Golf helps to promote To advance to the next good opportunity Is a by-product that golf accidentally offers.

Time to give golf practice

This is the second question that I have to ask everyone who comes to study golf is "How much time is spent studying and practicing" because golf is a sport that requires the most advanced skills. Try to follow along.

Golf balls are very small balls Diameter of about 1.5 inches

The club face of the golf club is also small. With an average area of ??4-5 square inches

The shaft length is 40 inches in average. This means that our hands must be about 40 inches away from the face.

The movement distance of the club from the beginning until it touches the ball about 5 meters long.

The goal is 150 yards from the point of impact.

The goal or hole is 4.25 inches in diameter, not visible from a distance of 150 yards. It's good to still have a flag to know where the hole is.


Must encounter all weather conditions, rain, sunshine, stormy weather, etc., which is an uncontrollable hurdle. Because golf is an outdoor sport.

Just this much first Will discourage each other first With the decision to enter the world of golf And you can see that golf is Really requires high skills Therefore, in starting golf lessons and practicing new golf. Should have sufficient time to study To gain skills and be able to do it consistently.

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