Easy Guide To Choose The Right Lens For Laser Application

Posted by schimmerjanice on February 3rd, 2020

The laser cutters have taken over the traditional methods of cutting hard materials. These laser cutting equipment are being used globally across various industries. If you own such equipment, you must know that the lenses are essential for focusing the beams. But, with a number of options, it becomes very difficult to choose the right lens. So, if you want to know whether to go for a 120W CO2 laser lens or something else, you must know a few things.

On the thickness which a laser system can cut, there is no simple answer. Since a laser is a light, it is possible to lose propagation and reflection power and will appear to be more complex when the system size is greater. So we've assembled this guide for the laser system with lenses that are available in the market, which gives you a good idea of all kinds of materials a laser can mark, engrave, drill, and cut from the choices that are commercially available.

30W/40W/60W CO2 Laser lenses
CO2 Laser is suitable for fine engraving of surfaces. Design for hobbyists, craftsmen for cutting thin materials (< 3 mm) and for engraving images of fine quality on smooth surfaces.

80W/90W CO2 Laser lenses
90W CO2 Laser is perfect for laser marking, laser cutting, and laser gravure, ideal for laser cutting on thin plates like perspex, softwood, etc., laser-tissue cutting, and marble markings.

100W CO2 Laser lenses
100W CO2 Laser is ideal for leather carving and hollowing-out or embossing, tissue cutting, lamp painting, labels, markings, and artwork processing and has outstanding gravure and cutting capabilities.

120W/130W CO2 Laser lenses
120W/130W CO2 Laser can be used to cut die cutting surfaces, thick plastic plates, etc. It is commonly used in the packaging industry that uses large amounts of medium-density fiberboard and plate cutting machines. This type of laser is also widely used in the signage industry with the prominent use of perspex, light guiding panels, and display screens, in addition to the packaging industry.

150W/160W/180W CO2 High-Power
150W-180W CO2 Laser, with power outputs between 150W and 180W, is capable of cutting thin metal sheets.

So, if you are looking for the colored, soft, or even 150W CO2 laser lens, you can search them online for getting the best deal.

Author’s Bio- The writer is an online blogger and the article is about the tips for buying lenses.

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