How to Grow Your Business with a Phone Answering Service

Posted by legalcall24 on February 3rd, 2020

There are a lot of reasons for business owners to consider hiring a phone answering service. These includes offering 24/7 accessibility, enhancing service levels, and improving customer-facing communication. However, did you know that by hiring the right phone receptionist in Canada you can increase your client base as well? Not sure how? Let us show you how an answering service can help with acquiring clients.

Start the Intake Process 24/7:

What occurs to your calls when you don’t respond to them? If you send them to voicemail this is not going to help you either. The majority of callers will just hang up. Although some might call back, not all will.

Do yourself a favor and hire a professional phone receptionist in Canada to handle all your business related calls around the clock. If you are in the office, they can provide overflow call assistance. If you are out of the workplace, forward your lines and the answering service will take your messages and dispatch urgent calls.

When you have a team of receptionists, you’re able to intake clients around the clock when they need legal services.

Respond quicker with real-time notifications:

Your phone answering service can also triage your prospective clients. Following your protocol, our team will be able to hold non-urgent calls until the next business day. For the calls that you have deemed urgent in your onboarding process, there is the ability to immediately dispatch to your on-call team members.

The result is that your team could be following up with your client before they even have a chance to think about calling someone else. And when you respond that fast, they’ll have little reason to call someone else.

Add a Friendly Voice for Callers:

Would you rather try to talk to a computer or a real person? This is not a tricky question, because the answer is obvious. People wish to talk to people. If so, why do so many law firms assume automation is the right answer for their new and prospective clients?

While automation may save a few pennies per call, it caters as one of the quickest ways possible to lose potential business. When 80% of all callers will hang up on a voicemail and continue looking for the service they need, how much lost revenue could you retain by choosing an answering service.

The personal touch of a live answering service can make all the difference. For a moderately low cost, they’ll offer your clients with the personal touch they expect, leading to higher retention and positive relationship building from the very first call.

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