I Believe That The Share Market Reduce Inflation

Posted by Large Cap India on February 3rd, 2020

Friends, as you know that today the economic world is going through many ups and downs, it has taken the form of a growing prime crisis, many countries of the world are going through a period of economic recession as soon as the conditions are favorable in the market. It will start picking up again. Today, the most important investment is planning, investing does not mean that you have saved some money on the month and later in the bank. It is said that investment means that an investment strategy should be made with a planning and considering all the aspects. Now the second thing is that where to invest, there are many options available in the market in which to invest. Many options can be available to invest in staff, invest in mutual funds, invest in bank fixed deposits, invest in real estate, invest in gold, etc. Areas are. Today’s interest rates are quite low. Achieving financial goals like marriage ceremony, good education for children, teaching children abroad, tourism, retirement etc. If you want to add funds, then adopt the medium of stock exchange and mutual funds. can go . Due to inflation, prices of goods and services go up due to which we have to spend more to maintain the standard of living. India’s inflation rate was 1.97 in January 2019, which was 4.62 by October 2019. When you re-invest the interest or dividend received on your investment, your capital invested increases and the next time you get interest or dividend, you get it on this capital and the new interest or dividend received. You will get the benefit from the earlier interest or dividend, only then you get the answer. Invest again. For a long time, by mixing small amounts, a large amount is made. May we say Compounding that is compounded power. Making money from the money you earn is called investment. To avoid a financial emergency, one should regularly invest on high priority without fear, which increases your purchasing power and reduces the impact of inflation.

What is financial planning? Financial planning refers to the adoption of a systematic process to move the economic situation forward. What is your income, what assets do you have and what are your liabilities, what are your goals in the present and future. What is your financial need and how much ability do you have to bear risk Costs are low, balances expenses and income, savings and wealth are created. Taxes help in reducing liabilities. Investment gives maximum returns. Life after retirement gets financial security in case of any mishap. Dependents are financially strong. First of all, you have to see how many members of your family are going to earn. What is the source of your income? How much is your debt, what is your repayment, decide your future expenses on priority. I BELIEVE THAT THE SHARE MARKET BEATS INFLATION.

After identifying short and long-term goals, investing in the stock market through a systematic investment plan, ie SIP, is a safer, less risky strategy, which is why we recommend you to choose only the best stocks. You can also invest in stocks, equity mutual funds and death instruments like bonds, fixed deposits, PPF, debt funds, etc., given your age. As we tell you, there is minimal risk in government bonds. PPF has minimal risk. Fixed deposits have low risk. Equity mutual funds have high risk and similarly stocks have high risk if we are younger. There should be more money in equities, mutual funds and if we are old then we should get more in government bonds, PPF and fixed deposits. Should keep a small amount of money and keep less amount in stocks mutual fund.

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