Troubleshoot the issue of failed Authentication in Pokémon Go

Posted by jamessmith01978 on February 3rd, 2020

Pokémon Go is developed by Niantic and it is one of the well-known augmented reality. It became popular immediately after its launch and it creates a large user base. Later on, reports were published regarding the game which says that users are unable to play the dame due to authentication issues. It throws an error of “unable to authenticate Pokémon go” and the game is stopped in between and reported on both android and iOS systems. There are few reasons shared on this error and solutions are also provided to avoid the conflict.

It is reported by many users and different teams have worked upon it to find the root cause. Few reasons are discussed below:

 Virtual Private Network: This error might appear if the device is using a VPN because VPN or proxies mark the internet connection as spam and unable to connect to servers and websites. It may block the required access and Pokémon go throws above exception.

 Restricted Data Usage: Data usage is defined by users for a particular time and background data usage is also restricted. Once data usage is over, the application is unable to connect with the internet and error will appear.

 Rooted Devices: If the devices are jailbreaks or rooted, then Pokémon go will not work properly. Rooted phones have maximum chances to use third party unauthorized applications that can exploit the normal phones. On rooted phones, the game is restricted, and users are unable to play it.

 Ban: Device administrators or developers prohibited the specific games which do not allow the user to login to it and start the game. These bans can be skipped if the hacking techniques are applied to the phones

 Account issue: Due to wrong or incomplete information while log-in, the game did not start. It is advised to check immediately if credentials are changed.

There are few checks and solutions which you can try to avoid or to overcome from the situation. Few solutions are discussed below to help the users:

 Evaluate Server Status: if the internet connections work fine, still unable to authenticate in Pokémon Go. Check the servers of Pokémon go, if servers are currently unavailable due to maintenance activities or other issues, then the game will not work. You have to wait till the server is not up.

 Disable Data Usage Settings: In android, data usage restriction setting is on and after the defined limit, it won’t allow the usage of internet connection on the device. Under settings option, select the “Data Usage” option and deactivate it.

 Verify the account information: If the wrong information is entered or the terms are not accepted by the user, the game cannot be started. Reset the account credentials and then try again.

 Upgrade Pokémon Version: Outdated version of the application may throw authentication exceptions and the developed company Niantic is continuously releasing the upgrades to resolve the user account issues. Use the Apple store or Google play store to check the latest updates and install them immediately if available.

 Clear Cache and Cookies of Device: Unable to authenticate Pokémon Go can be eliminated by clearing the cache data of the device under settings options, click on applications and notifications, and choose clear cache. After this, you can run the game.

 System Upgrade: Application updates will work fine with the latest version of the system, check the updated of the mobile devices and install the available update. Restart the device and run the game.

 Reconnect the Internet connection:  Check the internet connection by using the link in web browsers and other applications. If there is an issue, reconnect with the network to activate the internet connection for the smooth play of the game.

These solutions can help the users to avoid Pokémon Go unable to authenticate the issue.

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