Analysis of Super Foods Market - Latest Trends and Future Outlook by 2027

Posted by PRIYANKA KULKARNI on February 3rd, 2020

Global Super Foods Market: An Overview

The global super foods market is expected to expand at a healthy CAGR during 2018-2028, despite lack of scientific support for core ideas such as ‘super fruits’.Super foods continue to gain traction in the global economy.

The super foods market reached billion dollar in evaluation in 2007, due to introduction of several new products. During that year, hundreds of new products were introduced in the market. The initial outburst and heavy advertising hurt the prospects of the super foods market. Products such as pomegranate, goji saw falling sales soon as their tastes did not enrich buds. However, the marketing concept of super foods achieved a critical goal: Get consumers to taste exotic products.

Since then various products like mangosteen, acai, and goji have witnessed adoption in new markets. These products have a large base in their home markets, where these fruits have played a vital role in medicine as well as in daily diets. These products are expected to grow considerably in the near future as rising awareness and more cooking recipes make their way into the super foods market.

Global Super Foods Market: Notable Developments

  • Walgreens has announced that it will offer CBD products in its 1500 stores across the United States. The buzzmaking super food is widely used in gumdrops and lotions as well. However, its association with THC earlier was keeping many reputed brands away from the store. According to Walgreens, the product will go on shelves with a ‘non-THC warning’. However, widespread medicinal benefits are need of the hour for the super foods market. Growing acceptance of their benefits can provide a major boost for the global super foods market.

Global Super Foods Market: Key Trends

Health Consciousness to Propel the Super Foods Market

The effect of a growing populated planet are visible to many. Large populations are leading to increased congestion in urban areas. Additionally, these are also driving commercial agriculture at its peak, which is resulting in the usage of chemicals and fertilizers. Due to rising health effects of such practices, modern consumers is becoming increasingly health conscious. This is leading to the growth of organic products and trends such as super foods as well.

Super foods are also expected to grow as living a healthy life is difficult as it involves regular exercise and healthy diets. On the other hand, e-commerce is experiencing tremendous growth. The convenience of availing super foods, appealing packaging, and proven benefits of products like CBD are expected to drive robust growth for the super foods market in the near future.

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Global Super Foods Market: Regional Outlook

The global super foods market report is divided into main regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. The super foods market in North America region grossed the highest total revenue earlier. Due to growing demand for nutrition based healthy food and desperation to seek alternative lifestyle, the super foods market will register a significant growth in the region. On the other hand, the super foods market is expected to register the fastest growth in Asia Pacific. The region is witnessing a growing demand exotic foods, thanks to growing disposable income and high quality of many of these products. Additionally, growing concerns about health are also expected to drive robust growth for the super foods market in the Asia Pacific region.

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