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Product Engineering: Digging Deeper

Posted by Uttam2337 on February 3rd, 2020

Majority of you out there must have heard the term Product Engineering some time or the other. Ever wondered about what does it comprise of, its scope etc. If not, then here lies your opportunity as we dig deeper into Product Engineering for you.

  • What do you mean by Project Engineering?

Although the term is widely used across sectors, if we are to consider the software vertical, the Product Engineering process involves phases like modernization, design, development, testing and the deployment of the software product under question.

The scope of Product Engineering extends across the complete product life cycle beginning from the modernization/innovation phase, initiating from conceiving the idea right up to the testing and the deployment phase.

Product Engineering Services as far as the software industry is concerned, it does not put forth a specific skill-set across the stack. With the focus being on the end goal rather than the paths taken, engineers are able to approach product engineering through various paths. While some of them could be generalists who prefer to go the “full stack” way, some of them can be specialists as well.

Let’s now move on to the different phases associated with Product Engineering

  • Product Engineering phases

Mentioned below are the prominent phases of Product Engineering:

  • Product Ideation

This one consists of coming up, developing and putting across new ideas. It involves understanding of the users, their problems, and coming up with solutions for them. A phase where innovation is born, if carried out in an optimum manner.

  • Product Architecture

Product Architecture basically defines and lays down the project effort required for the successful deployment, testing, delivery and support of the product, throughout its life cycle. It might have an effect on aspects like product properties and the processes associated with production. Factors like quality, cost etc., are heavily dependent upon the same. Therefore, product architecture development proves to be a key and vital phase.

  • Product Design

A phase where product designers happen to conceptualize and go through the ideas, transforming them into utility inventions and products in physical form.

  • Product Testing

As the name suggests, Product Testing is the phase where the functionality/performance of the developed product is measured. It will help to analyze vital parameters like its user appeal, function, ease of use etc., along with whether or not the customers will purchase what you are selling.

  • Product Migration and Porting

Over here, it is ensured that the product is migration and porting friendly for a range of environments; that includes multiple platforms etc.

  • Technical Support

Break/fix services, installation assistance, remote troubleshooting, usability assistance etc., is what falls under this.

These form the major phases under Product Engineering.

Now that we have had a look at what Product Engineering is, and the phases involved, we will shift our attention to some of the leading Product Engineering service providers.

Top Product Engineering companies:

  1. IBRANDtech:

An established name in the world of Product & Test Engineering. Full-Stack development is what IBRANDtech specializes in, using latest and in-demand technologies such as AngularJS, MongoDB, NodeJS etc.

Product Engineering at IBRANDtech comprises of SAAS/PAAS Engineering, Cloud-Brokerage Platforms, Test Engineering, Maturity Models, Dashboards Management and Microservices Transitioning. All under one roof!

Product Engineering Architecture and the SAAS Platform Architecture make up and form the Architecture Process at IBRANDtech.

In terms of the industries served, IBRANDtech offers services and solutions to a variety of industries ranging from Manufacturing to ISVs.

Apart from Product Engineering, IBRANDtech also caters to the clients with customized Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Lead and Demand Generation services. Other Software Development services on offer include Data Engineering, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence etc.

  1. Intelliswift

Product Engineering services from Intelliswift are designed to provide product updates for your organization. Their expertise lies in evolving the software products of clients based on the market demand and trends.

  1. To The New

Product Engineering services from To The New are meant to speed-up product development and facilitate business agility. They are known to transform the ideas of various product companies into market realities by overcoming the most complex engineering challenges.

  1. YaraGo

YaraGo assists product companies across the world to both differentiate and remain ahead of the technological curve. Services from YaraGo are designed to tackle every stage of the product life cycle.

  1. CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo brings to the table, software product engineering solutions with quality and futuristic design, deployment, testing and analytical services.

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