RS 232 Testing. How to test a serial port?

Posted by SpencerKrit on February 3rd, 2020

A serial device has been connected to your machine’s COM port. Your machine has data acquisition software installed, but even after connecting the device, data is not appearing. The problem is grave and may lead you to think that the problem relates to the RS232 communication. In order to fix the issue, you decide to do serial port testing, but before going ahead with it, we need to understand, how a serial port can be tested?
It’s simple, just download the Serial Port Tested application, which has RS232 testing software. It gives you information about serial communication and helps you identify and solve the issue.

In case you are facing troubles in obtaining data by using a COM Port

Set the details of COM Port
You must have all the information about the serial device that will be connected to your machine. This information needs to go into the serial port tester software before running it. The following information must be gathered and put in the software: a total number of serial ports connected to the machine, its parity, the baud rate and the per byte number of data bits.
In case you do not have information about the stop bits, then just set it at 2. This is not going to hurt in any way except for slowing down the messages a bit.
Refer to documents for making measurements via a serial port for thorough information regarding each setting. COM port status window in the software can be used to query the status of lines that are going to the computer and coming from it.
At times, serial communication problems are difficult to identify and fix. But you can look into different options as RS232 test software is a helpful tool for fixing serial communication problems.
The best solution is a serial port tester from Eltima software. The best thing about this tool is its flexibility and versatility, which offers users with advanced features. If you are a frequent serial device tester, then this software should be in the software toolbox.

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