Why You Should Use Explainer Videos To Pitch Your Product

Posted by Erin Hanson on February 3rd, 2020

In recent times, statistics and studies suggest that video marketing is the primary and most promising aspect of digital marketing. Many type of videos serve under the video marketing category, including explainer videos. The primary benefit of these videos is they are cost-effective and efficient in conveying a message or promoting a service or product. Here is an individual breakdown of each of its benefit:


According to Animated Explainer Video Agency, one of the many benefits of these videos is that they provide a viable and cost-effective marketing solution. Considering how many of the marketers and business owners around the world require a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient in ROI generation. Explainer videos prove just the right fit for those demands.

SEO Friendliness

It is almost a known fact in the digital world now that search engines prefer video content and put them on top of SERP (Search Engine Page Result). Therefore, explainer videos provide an efficient SEO solution. Additionally, a study suggests that 93% of all internet activity begins with a search. Therefore, animated videos provide you a wide exposure in the digital world.


Video content is recyclable to all platforms. Which proves the most promising facet of explainer videos to people who are looking for cost-efficient solution. For example, business owners can utilize an explainer video for a website on social media as well.


An explainer video on a landing page of a website does not only engage a visitor right away, it helps them understand the product or service better. Which is why explainer videos are so powerful in digital marketing today, because of their shareable and adaptable nature. In conclusion, you should use explainer videos and video content to pitch your product or services.

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