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Posted by sfwpexperts on February 3rd, 2020

Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing 

Many of you might not have heard about the word Guerrilla marketing but it is well known in the marketing world. So in this article, I’ll explain to you what Guerrilla marketing is and why it is different and helpful in creating brand/product awareness among consumers. After reading this article I’m pretty much sure that you will add one more creative marketing strategy in your list that can help you in advertising your brand. So, let’s start from the basics and we will go deep into guerrilla marketing strategies.

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About Guerrilla Marketing or Little Known Facts

Guerrilla Marketing is a creative marketing strategies used by most of the brands and small businesses around the globe to advertise its product unconventionally.  It was introduced or popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson’s in the 1980’s. He wrote several articles and books on guerrilla marketing tactics that helped many brands to create awareness. 

Nowadays most of the companies prefer to use guerrilla marketing tactics as it requires more creativity and little budget to spend. It is cheaper than traditional marketing. As it is cost-effective and focuses more on the reach than frequency, most of the small as well as big brands try to indulge and get customer attention. 

Generally, Guerrilla was derived from the word guerrilla warfare. 

Why Guerrilla Marketing is an effective strategy?

Now you may wonder if there are lots of creative marketing strategies to get user attention. So, why many brands focus on guerrilla marketing??

In guerrilla marketing, marketer focuses on creating a buzz among the consumer that can help a brand to gain more profit. The main aim of this type of marketing tactic is to obtain the maximum number of customer attention with a limited amount of resources. Most of the marketers around try to create surprising and memorable business strategies that can help the consumer to remember the product/brand for a long time.

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