Types Of Swimsuit you Need To Wear

Posted by kamal on February 4th, 2020

Whether you're a beach person, or prefer the privacy of your own swimming pool, we can all admit that deciding on the kind of swimsuit to wear is a conundrum that most women face! What kind should we pick? What needs to be taken into consideration? Do proportions matter? What about colour? Hold your horses! We'll answer all that, and more, in this article!

It All Starts with Determining Your Body Shape!

For every woman, whether shopping for bathing or not, knowing their body type is an absolute must! It helps you to further identify the clothing that suits you best, accentuating your most attractive features of Women’s Swimsuit Tops.

Not sure what body type you are? Read on to find out!

  • Are your shoulders wider, compared to your hips? You're a triangle shape
  • Are your hips wider, compared to your shoulders? You're an inverted triangle
  • Both, your hips and shoulders are the same? You are an hour-glass shape
  • Do you have a well-defined waist, full bust and a rounded stomach? You are an apple shaped
  • If you have a straight frame, with no figure accentuated, your athletic shape
  • Ready to Get Your Hands on that Designer Swimwear for Women?

Get your swimsuit, based on what looks great on your body type!

Hour-Glass Figure

Thanks to your body shape, you can look great is just about everything! Try to pick one that accentuates your natural curves, and a two piece is an ideal choice! Avoid ones that are too tight or a size smaller, as they have the tendency to flatten your shape, and look unflattering.

Triangle Shape

Since you have narrow shoulders, you are going to want to lay up your upper torso. Light colour printed bikini tops work well, with a deep neck. Contrast that with a dark bottom to bring some balance to the body. You can also wear this when planning to go for Surf And Skate Clothing.

Inverted- Triangle

Match your halter neck top with some bikini bottom; select a bottom that has the right frills to add some weight to your lower half. Remember, your focus is to balance out the upper and lower torso.

Apple Shape

With a beautiful rounded figure like yours, shop for a one-piece bikini that shows off your best features, while does a good job in flattening your tummy. You've been endowed with big bust, so ensure that your bikini has underwire.

Athletic Shape

Aim for all kinds of frills and extra fabric that will develop the illusion of a curvier body. Show off the shoulder, and opt for low-cut necks. This will add some volume to your top and bottom, and that's exactly what you should be going for. This type of suit are easily available at Athletic Clothing Stores Near Me.

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