Eliminating bias in food and beverage market research.

Posted by alice hall on February 4th, 2020

Food and beverage manufacturers often carry out food market research to help develop their understanding of consumers. This improved understanding enables food manufacturers to develop products to better meet customer needs.

Psychology aids in identifying and analysing purchasing trends in the food and drink industry. Psychology also aids with improving the understanding of target market beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. Psychology is also valuable when investigating target market responses to new food product development.

Essential to many phases during a market research plan, psychology is vitally important. Experienced market researchers often use these psychology-based methods when working on various aspects of a project such as:

  • Scoping out a market research plan

  • Developing the question set

  • Conducting telephone, face to face and online interviews

  • Mediating focus groups, friendship groups and cluster groups.

  • Conducting statistical analysis for aspects such as hypothesis testing and forecasting.

Eradicating bias

Psychological methods can assist with circumventing undue influence when setting out a questionnaire. Whether someone is or is not aware of it, internal thoughts and feelings may affect how a person develops a set of questions for a survey. This means that the wrong information would be recorded during the information gathering stage of a market research project. This can cause significant problems for any organisation that uses misleading or wrong information to inform their marketing plan or their food product development process. Three types of bias or undue influence that can transpire when developing a set of survey questions include:

1) Confirmation Bias

2) Culture bias

3) Question order bias

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