Why You Should Pursue Joint Custody

Posted by McQuarrie Hunter LLP on February 4th, 2020

If there are no threats to the life and safety of you and your children and your ex proves to be a competent parent, you should consider pursuing joint custody rather than applying for sole custody. There are many benefits to having both parents in the life of the children such as the following:

1. Children grow to be well-rounded individuals.

Studies show that having both parents in their lives make children more resilient and more likely to make good decisions in their lives. The rate of alcoholism or drug abuse is also smaller for children who are in a co-parenting household. Having both parents in their lives also mean they feel more secure.

Children are naturally resilient creatures but a divorce can have a negative impact on their growth. This is why it is a good idea to explore the possibility of joint custody.

2. It makes parenting easier.

Solo parenting is hard. Even if you manage to get spousal and child support, all the responsibilities of parenting are foisted on you. Doing it alone will eventually take a toll on you.

It would be great to share some of the parenting with your ex. If you have an important thing to do but you can’t be there for the kids, your ex can fill in for you. It can come handy at times when there is nowhere else to turn to.

You share the parenting burden, especially when it comes to making crucial decisions to your child’s education and health.

3. You cherish your time with the kids even more.

Having shared custody over the kids means half of the time, they are with your ex. It makes you appreciate your time with them even more and try to make it more special by doing things that are memorable, fun and meaningful.

Admittedly, arranging joint custody is not as easy as it seems. In theory, it seems easy to implement but in real life, you might encounter many challenges, the first of which would be to come up with a schedule that is fair for both parties.

Who will get which holiday? Who should be in charge of making decisions on the children’s education? These are some of the things that you need to know. Go to an expert in Family Law in Vancouver if you want to suggest having shared custody with your ex.

You end to know what encompasses family law in Vancouver as well to create a fair arrangement. A lawyer from McQuarrie can better explain family law in Vancouver and what it means when you are creating a custody arrangement with your former spouse.

Also, do some reading on family law in Vancouver to know what else you can do to make custody arrangements easier.

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