Pu-erh tea wake up

Posted by naturalpuerh on February 4th, 2020

The benefits of pu-erh tea: It has the pharmacological effects of refreshing and clearing the heart, clearing away heat and relieving heat, eliminating phlegm, eliminating greasy weight loss, clearing heart and removing trouble, detoxifying and waking up, quenching thirst, reducing fire and eyesight, stopping phlegm and dehumidification, and also on modern diseases such as radiation. And cardiovascular and cancer and cancer, have certain pharmacological benefits.

Awake tea is to wake up the sleeping or dusty tea leaves through contact with air and moisture, so that the leaves naturally breathe and renew the essence of tea leaves.
If you want to drink a Pu-erh with a good taste, "wake up tea" before brewing is an important processing step. Generally speaking, Pu-erh wakeful tea contains two aspects, one is the wakefulness before brewing, called dry wakeful Pu-erh tea; the other is the wakefulness when brewing, called wet wakeful Pu-erh tea.
Pu-erh tea is awake by dissolving the tea leaves to allow them to breathe and let the tea breathe naturally. It disperses the stuffy, miscellaneous, piled, and sinking flavors that should belong to the tea charm.
"Dry wake" is to change the storage mode of Pu-erh tea to achieve the purpose of awakening the tea quality and condensing the tea aroma. So the first step is to pry the tea. The structure of the newly pressed Pu-erh tea is relatively tight, and tea needles or tea knives can be used to dissolve the Pu-erh tea when it is being teased. The angle and intensity must be controlled when tea is being used. Try to maintain the integrity of the blade and follow the rules of the blade to solve it.
Then, place the tea leaves in an environment free from direct sunlight, odor, and air circulation so that they can fully contact the air. During this period, the tea leaves can be covered with a layer of rice paper or cotton paper to avoid falling into the dust. The time depends on the condition of the tea. For aged teas and teas with high cleanliness, it can be 2-3 days; for newly released teas and teas with warehouse flavor, it takes one to two weeks. In order to better disperse the odor in tea.
Finally, put the tea in a pot that is ventilating, odorless and dry, such as a clay pot or a purple sand pot. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's not a jar. A clean carton or paper bag without odor can achieve the same effect. Choose a clay pot or a purple sand pot just because the pottery is breathable.
Pu-erh tea is awake on the basis of dry awake tea, using water and temperature to help tea awaken the essence, and to release the best quality when it is formally brewed. After waking up, naturally I look forward to seeing the taste of the tea. Don't worry, you need to wake up.
This wet awakening, also commonly known as tea washing, moist tea, or warm moisturizing, can increase the temperature of the tea itself by contacting the leaves with hot water, help the leaves slowly stretch, and fully wake up the tea leaves. The floating dust attached in each link can better release the tea flavor after brewing Pu-erh tea.
Method of wet awakening: first warm the tea set with hot water, pour the tea into the hot water, and pour it out in a few seconds. Generally, raw tea is washed once and cooked tea 2-3 times.
Raw tea, new tea, spring tea and tender tea need to lower the water temperature, while summer and autumn tea, cooked tea and old tea need to increase the water temperature. The control of time is also very important. The steeping time should not be too long. If the time is too long, too much extractives in tea will be released, which will affect the taste of the tea soup for formal drinking. Therefore, pour out the tea quickly. The color of the tea soup can help determine the water temperature and soaking time required for formal tea making.
 In the wet wake stage, raw tea and cooked tea are very different.
   The more stringent logic is: the new raw tea is used to cover the bowl, and the new cooked tea is used in the purple pot.
         First put dry tea into a dry purple sand pot, cover it, and rinse the purple sand pot at high temperature; then shake gently. Repeat this process twice before starting the tea.

The reason why the new raw and cooked teas are used in different ways is obviously because of the different tea properties. The new raw tea has less off-flavor, while the cooked tea has more off-flavor and heaping. The main purpose is to remove odors by using a purple teapot.
         Under normal circumstances, the taste of freshly brewed tea brewed with purple sand and bowls will be very different.

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