10 Reasons for Changing your Legal Name

Posted by Joseph Franks on February 4th, 2020

Many people choose to change a birth name/given name and it is completely legal. In fact, there is no fixed limit over how many times you alter your name in a lifetime, as long as you have no ill motives behind it. Forth Worth Family Law Attorney conveys that when a person files a petition for name change, the legal authorities will carry out a thorough background check to ensure he/she is not doing so for fraudulent purposes. If you do not have a criminal record, nothing shall stop you from acquiring a new identity and starting a new life.

1)      Embarrassing Birth Name

Sometimes real parents/guardians intentionally or unintentionally torture a kid by giving him/her a name that turns them into a public laughing stock. Names like Chris P. Bacon, Jack Daniels, Christian Guy, and Crystal Meth are a few amusing examples. While some might appreciate the humor in it, many would prefer something sophisticated to be taken more seriously.

2)      A Name too Common

If you ever thought that your parents were not even trying while picking a name, you are not alone. Many people crave for a name that is unique and memorable. Names like John, Emma, Mary, Sam, and James may sound too generic and ordinary. You have a right to be creative with your name or choose something less mainstream.

3)      A Difficult or Overly Ethnic Name

Many children born in the U.S come from a diverse cultural background, so their names may struck as odd or complicated. Some names are almost impossible to pronounce and cause problems in social/professional environments. Therefore, some people go for something easy or universally recognized to clear the confusion.

4)      Gender Defining Issues

The modern era is all about gender neutrality and profound freedom of speech. The number of transgender individuals has rapidly increased and Facebook offers 51 gender options for its users. The point is that you can change your name to something that represents you accurately; androgynous, gender fluid, non-binary, gender queer, or whatever else you call yourself.

5)      Sharing Spouse’s Surname

Traditionally, the wife could choose to take the husband’s surname in marriage, but now it can happen the other way around. The husband can legally take the wife’s surname, because ‘equality’.

6)      Post-Divorce Name Change

It is quite common to ditch an ex partner’s surname as they are no longer an important part of your life. Some people like to return to their maiden name, but you can also opt for an entirely different name for a brand new chapter of life.

7)      Honoring a New Religion

Some people change their name to symbolize a new faith or to let go of a previous one.

8)      Family Disputes

Estranged relationships and conflicts are a part of every household. Some matters get out of hand and individuals retaliate by changing the name given by a detested family member. You may not appreciate to be named after a blood relative or someone else having ties with either parent.

9)      To Escape the Past

Past relationships and incidents may seem like a burden you want to get rid of. Changing your name may help you forget bad memories and dodge the people they originate from.

10)  Being Frivolous

Some people want to adopt a new name for no reasonable explanation. They might do it for the sake of fun and spontaneity. In some cases, people have changed names as part of a joke or bet.

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