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Article Submission

Posted by John6656 on February 4th, 2020

An article is a type of document. It may be digital or paper format. Different types of article formatting are blogs, content marketing, essay, stories etc.  Article publishing is a talent that cannot be done by all people. Article publishing has 5 steps: Idea, research, writing, editing and submission. The article contains an introduction, content and conclusion part. In the newspaper article, it contains a picture based on news, name of writer and content. It influences the reader and thinks. The element of news article includes a headline, byline, lead, body, conclusion. In the case of the essay, there are two types of a formal and informal essay. The blog is a type of article publishing. There are many different types of blogs personal blogs, group blogs, microblogging, corporate blogging, aggregate blogs etc. Article Publishing isn't a simple procedure. Scientific literature is also a type of article submission. Types of scientific literature include a scientific article published in scientific journals, the patent in a relevant subject, government reports etc


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