Top 3 Benefits of lithium ion recycling

Posted by Andrew on February 5th, 2020

Battery recycling refers to a recycling activity which aims to bring a reduction to the number of batteries that are being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries comprise of a number of heavy metals along with toxic chemicals. Hence disposing them in the same manner can pose serious pollution concerns. Top 3 Benefits of lithium ion recycling is one step taken towards reduction of waste and sustainable living. In addition to this, there are a number of benefits that are offered by the recycling method. Let us explore some of those benefits offered.

1. Comply with the environmental regulations

Federal law states certain concerns over battery disposal and hence some of the chemistries including lead acid batteries, lithium based batteries along with nickel cadmium batteries need to be recycled. Some of the states have their own recycling regulations; however the process helps in meeting with the environmental regulations and reduces pollution largely. 

2. Keep toxic chemicals away from landfills

Batteries comprises of heavy metals including mercury, cadmium, lead and nickel. When these are released, the metals prove being harmful to environment and humans. When the batteries end up in landfills, they further corrode with chemicals leaching into the soil. The chemicals can make their way towards the water supply. 

3. Bring a reduction of raw materials while conserving resources 

The battery production tends to rely on materials including cobalt, lithium and nickel. Most of these materials are usually expensive and rare. Mining the metals comes at a high cost along with the environment. By recycling the batteries, the process works towards reducing the need to collect new raw materials while conserving resources. 

Get in touch with a professional legally compliant battery disposal services to help you perform lithium ion battery for recycling. These services are cost effective and ensure less harm caused to the environment at large.

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