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Posted by Michael Dean on February 5th, 2020

The basic version of SD Maid has already some useful tools which may improve your android tablets and Smartphone.

SD Maid pro version, on the opposite hand, gives you extra features as add-ons. SD Maid Pro is an add-on that you only got to install and avail of its benefits from the regular App.

So here are the features of SD Maid APK

Duplicates –

The Android OS is open-source which has many advantages for users and developers, but it comes with its own drawbacks. The OS isn't perfect, and one among the explanations why this OS isn't that optimized is that it doesn't get obviate all the files once you delete certain apps.

So the files remain stored within the device memory, and once you reinstall an equivalent App, you get an equivalent duplicate files stored in your device memory. These duplicates are usually very hard to seek out unless you employ the android manager app like SD Maid Apk.

SD Maid Pro APK scans your SD card and internal storage in one tap and shows all the duplicate files that are available and provides directly "> an immediate choice to remove those duplicate files right away.

Optimizing Database –

Optimizing Database is one of the professional features which don't get with the essential version of SD Maid. Optimizing your android storage database enables your processor, GPU, and ram to handle high intensive tasks adequately, which improve your android performance significantly.

Optimizing reduces the database of huge files in your android device and boosts up the performance without killing important android apps running within the background. it's recommended that you simply optimize your android database every once during a while.

SD Maid Pro optimization feature kills unnecessary files, but sometimes, some files are often important for a few android apps which SD Maid APK Download fails to know. therein case, you'll easily mail the developers about the difficulty.

Scheduler –

A Scheduler may be a convenient tool if you don’t want to bother yourself opening up the SD Maid pro app and scan files manually. With Scheduler, you'll schedule the time once you need a particular task to initiate.

The Scheduler is found within the extras section of the App, and once you tap on “Scheduler,” you'll get all the most tools within the main page alongside a toggle for every tool.

Set the time then toggle any tool that you simply want to start out consistent with the time that you have set automatically. You don’t need to bother yourself going back to the App afterward because all the tasks are already done since you've got scheduled it beforehand.

SD Maid app is simple to use android manager, which handles all the ups and downs of your Android device storage to optimize your Smartphone or tablet and improve its performance.

There are a couple of tools that comes with SD Maid Apk Download Free and SD Maid pro unlocked, which are very useful and effective. These tools are implemented to enhance your android device well-being even after years of usage.

SD Maid is an android that comes with a professional version that's purchased and installed as an add-on to the already installed SD Maid in your Android Smartphone.


There is little question that there's an endless amount of apps and tools for Android, which is formed to wash & manage your android device. While a number of these apps are completely useless, there are still top tier paid and free android apps that genuinely clean android device and improve the standard of your android phone.

The competition during this particular section is intense as we all know that android performance decreases over time, and one among the simplest ways to realize optimum performance again is by employing a certified android cleaner.

Searching for such android apps that will clean your Android and delete all the trash files is tough to seek out, which is why I even have already provided one among the simplest, if not the simplest android cleaner available immediately.

SD Maid APK Download is an app to seem out for because it doesn't show any impressive animation to please its users visually and makes them think that the cleaner is really cleaning, but the reality is that it's not as effective as what the visuals or animations are portraying.

SD Maid is developed by Darken, which may be a team of Germans who worked very hard to differentiate their app from its other thousands of competitors. The team focused on the particular purpose of the app instead of just a visually pleasing animation and interface.

This is why the app doesn't contain any fancy animation and colorful interface . All the magic works within the system where everything works amazingly.

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