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Posted by Ritika Jain on February 5th, 2020

NEW YORK—Jan. 27, 2020—Business Hunter, which offers a full service for people and companies that want to buy a business, announced today that it has expanded its service offering. Prospective business buyers can now acquire a broader range of companies than ever before. The company takes the buyer through the complete acquisition process, from identifying suitable candidates to negotiating a fair price, through the close of the transaction.

“Are you looking to buy a, business, but don’t know where to start? This is where we come in,” said a spokesperson for the firm. “It’s a challenging process, even for very experienced business people. Buying a business is not the same as running a business. It’s a distinct skillset. We can help. Buying and selling companies are all we do.”The firm offers an informative video on its site to explain how their process works.

Business Hunter has worked with many buyers that either lack the time to focus on the acquisition process or have tried it and found it to be frustrating. The firm’s first task when working with a new client is to find the right target. “Figuring out what you want to buy is a critical step in the process,” the spokesperson added. “Doing this step correctly, alone, can be a huge time saver and a way to avoid aggravation down the line. We work closely with you to determine your needs and long-term plans. With those parameters, and others, in mind, we can start to home in on the right acquisition targets.”

The firm then defines all the details of the client’s planned business acquisition. The Business Hunter team will then select and visit the potential acquisition targets. For each company that appears suitable, the team preparesa business dossier that contains the target’s financial statements, a description of their properties and services as well as any relevant documents. Business Hunter conducts a conference call with the client to review possible acquisitions and work to discover the one that represents the best fit with the client’s needs and budget.

After identifying the right acquisition candidate, Business Hunter then oversees a comprehensive due diligence process. This is a legal and accounting review that investigates the target. Due diligence verifies, for example, that the company’s financial statements are accurate. It reveals potential liabilities, such as lawsuits or regulatory issues that may affect the buyer post-purchase.

Assuming a satisfactory outcome of due diligence, Business Hunter than works with the client to determine an acceptable offer price. The firm conveys the offer to the target. A negotiation process typically then unfolds, where each side asks for changes to the terms of purchase. Business Hunter mediates the negotiation, working toward a satisfactory resolution that ends in a successful acquisition. “You would be amazed at how many really great deals—for both the buyer and the seller—fall apart over a poorly-handled negotiation,” The spokesperson added. “It can be a delicate process. Egos are affected. People who have built businesses may get insulted by terms that, in their view, devalue their hard work. Our job is to make each side sees the value in a deal. We work carefully with them on sensible counter-offers and so forth.”

Business Hunter now offers clients the ability to acquire companies in a wide variety of categories. These include automotive, consumer electronics, employment and education, entertainment, family and parenting, finance, gaming and gambling. The firm also works with acquisition targets in the health and beauty, hobbies, home, leisure and romance categories as well as Internet marketing, Internet services, news, sports, Shopify, Magento, social dating, services, technology and WordPress. “It’s a big world of business,” the spokesperson said. “We can find you what you’re looking for. If we can’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist.”

Beyond basic categorization, the firm also enables clients to search for acquisitions by business type. For example, clients can choose between blogs, lead generation sites, mobile apps, review sites, home-based businesses, and so forth. The firm is an authorized partner of

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