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Posted by sherkhansahu on February 5th, 2020

Effective tips to ace GTA 5

The GTA series has become one of the most-loved games ever since the release of the very first Grand Theft Auto series as the action-adventure genre witnessed a new level of high because of the technological innovations and stunning virtual effects. The GTA series has always been loaded with engaging gameplay features, which contributed a lot in gaining popularity for the best-selling Grand Theft Auto series. The latest release by the Rockstar Games was GTA 5, which garnered overnight fame, all thanks to the plot and missions in the game along with additional features. But acing the Grand Theft Auto series isn’t rocket science. To accomplish the difficult tasks in the game successfully, the player needs to follow some effective and resourceful tips which are as follows:

Enhance your critical skills

To ace the difficult missions and challenges in the GTA 5 game, the player needs to enhance critical skills such as flying and shooting. You can sharpen your silks by practicing at the gun ranges in the game. You can even utilize an open field by racking up the headshots for strengthening your skills in Grand Theft Auto

However, there are many missions and tasks which involve the use of aircraft and if the player isn’t skilled enough to fly a chopper or an airplane, then he gets stuck on that level in the game. To overcome this problem, you should attend a flight school located at the airport of Los Santos in the GTA

 Understand the stock market

The most effective and quick way to get rich in the GTA 5 game is to make smart and resourceful investments in the stock market. There are mainly two exchanges named LCN and BAWSAQ and these can be even accessed on your mobile phone. The player needs to seek a sound knowledge of stock markets of Grand Theft Auto to increase their wealth in the game.

Pay attention to any news related to business in the game and learn from the expert characters in theGTA game by listening to their tips and tricks.

 Smart response to the police

 There is a system of surveillance by police in the game. The higher the level you will reach in the game, the stronger the police response will be. The trick is to take the off-road way to seek an escape from the police in the game.

Another effective way to escape from the cops in GTA V is to hide under the bridges or jump over the fences to find a safe place to hide.

 Utilize your special abilities

Each of the three main protagonists in the GTA 5 game possesses special skills and abilities. Identify those abilities and utilize them in the most productive way.

Franklin has the skill to slow down the time while driving in the GTA game, Michael can utilize a Max Payne-like bullet time to slow down at the time of shootouts whereas the Trevor possesses the ability like berserker to absorb the maximum damages during racing.

 Take help of chops

Dogs have great sniffing abilities that are useful for tracking down the hidden fragments or letters which helps the main protagonist of GTA 5 to solve the mystery of a murder.

If you want to discover the secret collective objects quickly and without any hassles, then its recommended to take a chop with you as there is a lot of terrain area to be covered. If you will take a chop with you, he will guide you towards the hidden collectibles which you are looking for and this will also save a lot of your precious time in the GTA

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