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Posted by albertareid on March 11th, 2012

Protese de silicone is a surgical method that corrects the form, texture and size of a women’s breast. Women who suffer from breast hypertrophy or small breast syndrome, as it is commonly known, also think about implante de silicone to address issues related to breast feeding for it’s one of the safe methods in existence that one can go for, without the fear of developing dangerous breast cancer or any autoimmune diseases.

And now as for the Protese de silicone itself, most of the implants come pre-manufactured and filled with silicone, meaning there is no filling that needs to be done. The only disadvantage of pre filled implants is that they require a bigger incision wound, especially for the textured implants, and gummy bear implants, as they are firmer and need a bigger incision entrance, as they can’t be inserted through the normal TUBE incision, and this is the case for all pre-filled silicone implants.

As for the amount of time needed to replace the Protese de silicone, the time range has increased noticeably as a result of modern day technology, and the capsule around the implant has become more rigid and firm, which made the replacement range for these implante de silicone vary from fifteen to twenty years. This type of silicone prosthesis can be done either under local or complete anesthesia, depending on the size and placement of the implant itself.

And now onto the location of the implante de silicone, as it is always placed under the muscle or below the gland, each location has its own sets of pros and cons, and the decision is always in the hands of the patient and their doctor. And as for the shapes of the silicone implants, they come in a various content and surface texture, they can be round shaped, or have the shape of a tear drop or the shape of a cone.

And as for the filler substance, it can be either Saline or Silicone, and silicone implants are always preferred as silicone is the second most available element on earth after oxygen, as it can be found in quartz, sand and rock. And as far as the surface of this silicone prosthesis is concerned, it can be smooth, or it can have a texture, it all depends on the specification and the case its being applied to. And finally, results can be seen after 6 months, which is quite quick compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

Complication can happen at any surgery, and it’s same with breast implants, although it is very rare. Protese de silicone features one of the most studied implants, as there were over 35 case studies over the world that indicated that women with these implants had less chance to get breast cancer, and the breaking of the capsule was never fatal, and that any infection problems or mal-position developed from the surgery itself or the biology of the patient, and not the silicone capsule itself.

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