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Posted by Digital Zone on February 5th, 2020

Lots of people buying a tantric massage find that it is confusing to see so several websites appearing when they Google for the word'Tantric Rub'- and that many of these sites are not that different from escort sites... with images of nude or topless girls who should probably be in Playboy Magazine.

It seems that many of these quite young girls and agencies who've determined to market themselves as tantric masseuses are benefiting from the truth that there's number true qualification for tantric massage - since in reality, tantric massage is itself a misnomer, and tantra has nothing regarding massage anyway. But they may believe that utilising the term'tantric'can somehow make them sound more'legitimate.' They place about phrases like'chakras ','kundalini'etc. having an evident not enough understanding of what they're talking about. One of many latest fads I have observed is'tantric bondage'- your brain really boggles. I have nothing against anybody doing whatever converts them on, but to name these actions as'tantric'is truly a joke.

I haven't been a great lover of Osho, but he did write well and this is a quote from one of is own posts, which is quite suitable: There is a basic fallacy that human beings fall into: they find a tiny truth and as opposed to discover the entire, the remaining portion, they imagine to fill the gap... they can handle to make a process, but the remaining portion is simply their invention... sexual energy... should be transformed into larger forms. It is a truth. But what occurred is that they never went really heavy into meditation; meditation kept only secondary. And man's sexuality reveals itself so powerfully that in the name of tantra it turned simply sexual orgy.

Without meditation that would happen. Meditation should have now been probably the most major issue because that will change the vitality, but that turned secondary. And many individuals have been sexually... repressed, joined the tantra school. They certainly were the people who produced all their perversions and all their repressions.

They were not enthusiastic about any transformation, they were involved just in removing their repressions; their fascination was basically sexual... until meditation techniques into first place, it'll generally happen that in tantra people will undoubtedly be doing all kinds of perversions... and with a great name, they'll not experience that they are doing any such thing inappropriate; they'll experience they're doing something religious, something spiritual... that is what lots of the therapists are doing... And the alleged therapists appreciate the amount of money that they bring. They've nothing to reduce, they simply let freedom... First people should be introduced to meditation and then they should be introduced to tantra methods. This is simply not tantra. Tantra techniques are totally different. These people who are doing tantra, they don't really know any such thing about tantra.'

One essential facet of Tantra is regard for the Goddess. And by Goddess, I don't mean a masseuse clothed in an attractive gown,or posing topless and contacting herself a Goddess. Interestingly, I have now been examining about the various ideas on the'lost decades'in living of Jesus - and one principle is he spent time going in India, and kept in the area of what is now the Hemis monastery, which is really a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh. It's claimed that a scroll of his teachings was kept hidden in that place and then discovered and translated... this could or may possibly not be true, but I came across the language on regard for feamales in that text, much like the elementary understanding of the regard for the Goddess in tantric teachings in India:

'Respect person, for she may be the mother of the world and all the reality of heavenly creation is based on her... She is the basis of that's excellent and wonderful, as she is also the germ of life and death. On her behalf depends the entire existence of person, for she's his organic and moral support... bless her and worship her, for she is the one pal, your one support on earth... regard her, uphold her. In working hence, you'll win her love and her heart... be lenient towards woman. Her love ennobles person, softens his tough center, tames the brute in him, and makes of him a lamb...'

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