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Posted by australiaeta on February 6th, 2020

Apparently the WDR is not really well received. The reader's reactions range from "weak" to "too late." Too little. You screwed up the number from the first moment ”to“ Unfortunately too late, your statement. Yesterday it would have been necessary. When the Nazis stood in front of his house. And in front of you. "

Video: German media are concerned about right-wing violence against journalists

After "environmental sow" children's song: rights demonstrate in front of WDR house - violent criticism of broadcasters

Update 11 a.m .:  "What is allowed to satire", asked the SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken and attacked the decision of WDR director Tom Buhrow to distance himself from the children's song. "I am concerned when journalists, media professionals, artists in this country have no backing because those responsible do not stand up to a shit storm. This worries me a lot, ”Esken wrote on Twitter. Best Stock Music

With the hashtag  #OmaGate, many Twitter users go to court with the WDR. The broadcaster should have stood protectively in front of the creators of the satirical contribution instead of falling in the back.

There is also criticism from TV comedian Bastian Pastewka - in the form of Häme for the broadcaster: "I expect nothing less than a ranking show on WDR: 'Our best not (!) Withdrawn satires in the West'."

And journalist Patrick Gernsing is stunned that the WDR has been intimidated by the political right. His colleague Teresa Bücker also misses a clear statement by Bührow about the protests and threats to employees after he previously apologized for the children's song.

Update from December 30th, 9:31 am: After choir director Zeljko Davutovic already announced on Sunday that the controversial WDR video was satire, he is now following up. In an interview with the SZ, the choir director explains that the echo after the release on Friday only developed on Saturday. "I believed that the song would remain in the WDR satire corner and would also be discussed in this context. I also expected some critical comments, ”explains Davutovic.

That the dispute over the children's choir - the song would reach such a level, the choir director had not guessed by its own account. Davutovic further explains in the interview that the text figure "Grandma" means all people on behalf. "Perhaps it is too complicated to expect everyone to think outside the box," explains the choir director of the newspaper. In his view, there was no “clear right or wrong” in this matter.

According to the report, Zeljo Davutovic is meanwhile threatened that the choir director's employees have also come under fire.

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