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Posted by Rushabh Roy on February 6th, 2020

The Google Play Store has many music players to choose from and it’s only natural for you to get lost looking for the best app to suit your music needs. Keeping that in mind, we have chosen what we think are some of the best music players available. Here are the best Android music players and there are some paid apps you can also use google play codes and Get that paid apps Totally Free using Google play codes.

1. PowerAMP Music Player

PowerAMP is old yet it still remains one of the best android music players. It is a simple, easy to use music player but a very fine one. It offers much more than the stock music players that your device comes pre-loaded with, and on top of that, it has loads of customization options and features that would take a whole day to talk about.

It has a clean and simple layout, a big album artwork on the Now Playing screen, easy to use controls and easy access to its settings, albums and playlists.

PowerAMP comes with an equalizer with presets, sliders, bass, and treble controls, tone and volume controls, etc. you can try some of the presents or tweak around manually till you find the sound of your liking. If you feel that the pre-loaded theme is dull and boring, you can search the Play Store for a new one.

There are plenty of themes out there some are free and some you have to pay for. Applying a theme is easy enough – just go to Settings  Look and feel a tap on Theme and choose a theme you have downloaded.

If you need music to help you sleep then PowerAMP has a sleep timer. Just set the timer and slowing doze off without worrying about leaving the musing playing.


You can sing along your favorite tune as PowerAMP interprets lyrics tags in your music collection or search for it using the Musicmatch plugin. There are many more features that we think you should try for yourself.

2. Double Twist Music Player

If you recently migrated from iPhone, then DoubleTwist is the music player for you. This is an incredibly simple music player that lets you keep your collection organized, sync to your computer, play radio, subscribe to podcasts to name a few. 

Although DoubleTwist may not have the prettiest interface the functions icons are clear making the navigation intuitive. With a single tap, you can browse your connection by artist, genre, song title or album.

Every song has a ‘+’ button right next to it which can be tapped to add it to your queue. Swipe right and you will find Settings and swipe left to see your videos.

The Now Playing screen, which can be accessed from other parts of the app by the slide-up bar that the bottom of the screen, shows you the album artwork and gives you peek at the previous and next song. If you want to get away from your personal collection then you can use the built-in radio to pick live stations from the Internet and search for podcasts.

You can also sync your music collection with your computer via Wi-Fi or USB. A double twist will make sure you don’t sync duplicates.

You can also create your own cloud streaming library with cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive and DoubleTwist Cloud player.

Although this feature needs to be unlocked via the in-app purchase. You can also play Flac files. Now it also supports Android Wear and Android Auto.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is much more than just a music player. It may not have all the bling other music players offer but it has one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd a huge cloud library for your own music. You can upload up to 50,000 audio files to the cloud library.

If you are using Chrome then you can upload the tracks directly through it but if you aren’t using it then you need to download Google’s Music Manager on your computer.


Google Play Music’s more than 30 million song library will have you hooked. You can stream entire albums from most of the famous artists. It is a good music player as well.

Being made by Google, you can expect it to integrate well with your device but its cloud storage is the real deal. It lets you carry your entire music collection with you no matter whichever Android or iOS device you are on.

Google Play Music also has its own store making it a one-stop-shop for all your music needs. It may not have all the nifty features that other music players do but Google Play Music is definitely worth looking at.

4. Shuttle Music Player

Probably you have never heard of this music player before but it definitely worth your attention. It is a lightweight music player with no heavy settings and loads of customization options.

If you only looking for a decent music player and you have never used and wanted all the bling, then this app is for you. Shuttle Music Player still has some of the core features we expect on a music player sleep timer, gapless playback, some themes, and an equalizer.

The material design makes it clean to look at. The shuttle comes in free and paid versions.

5. Amazon Music

I’m pretty sure you have already guessed how this app is and you are probably right. Google Play Music isn’t the only music player offering all in one cloud, store and music player solution.

Amazon combined with Prime Music with its own music store and create this music player. It also offers you your very own cloud library to let you take your music with you anywhere and across any device.

You can also play the music you have stored on your device. Don’t expect huge customization options and nerdy features but it does display lyrics.

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