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What does it Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

Posted by betty123 on February 6th, 2020

What does it mean when your left-hand itches? In a superstitious way, it depends upon your gender because if your a man then this is not a good omen for you. But if you are a woman consider yourself fortunate. And when we say it is good or bad it is directly related to money. So let’s read how left-hand itching is bad for males or good for females.

Why Left Hand Itching Is Bad For Males

Left-hand itching is bad for males because the good luck of males is in the right hand. You often see whenever the males go to any astrologer or a saint they check the male’s right hand. Because the right portion of male body represents them, all the good fortune is in their right-hand body parts or instead of right-hand itching any other right side body parts are itching or right side eye is twitching is the sign of good things to happen in the future.

If your left-hand is itching then it is a sign of future monetary loss. Like, You received unexpected bills, heavy expenses, some bad decisions which cause money loss, getting robed, stock market loss, home or car maintenance cost, medical bills, or you don’t have enough money to pay your credit card bills, installment, any heavy expenses in other forms.

Why Left Hand Itching Is Good For Women

In the opposite of males, the left side of women represents them. It is believed that the good fortune and whole power of women is in their left part. Unlike men, astrologers and saints look at women’s left hand to examine the future and good fortune of women.

If your left-hand is itching then you will receive unexpected money or any monetary benefits. As such, You can win the lottery ticket, get old money that you forget, received money from someone you don’t expect, find money on the ground, get any surprise gift, and get money from other unexpected sources. It is not exactly know how much money you will receive but you should ready for a financial surprise.

According to CBS News, a Brooklyn grandma who’s name is Mary Shammas is won a 64 million dollars. Mary Shammas says before she won the big amount of money she had a terrible amount of itching on her left hand and it happens within a short while. She understands it means something and after a few days later she won 64 million dollars jackpot.

The Reason Behind The Palm Itch

It is not necessary that whenever your palm is itchy it is a sign of sudden loss or profit. There are many other conditions that can cause an itchy palm. Here are 6 possible reasons for itchy palms:

  • hand eczema
  • allergic reactions
  • diabetes
  • reactions to medication
  • cirrhosis
  • nerve disorders
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